Spyware US Government vote to ban certain kinds

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MilitaryWatches, May 30, 2005.

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  1. According to a news report the US congress has voted to ban certain kinds of spyware and popup advertising with fines running in the millions of US$ per incident and 2 years in prison. If the spyware is found to be gathering information for fraudulent purposes then there will be an extra 5 years in prison.

    Wouldn't it be nice if the EU did the same across Europe!
  2. WOWEE!

    Yes it certainly would - though it would put the anti-spyware companies right out of business.
  3. I think they would still be kept going by the Russian and Chinese spyware; it would be a long time before they would ban spyware.....
  4. Banning spyware, whilst is most comendable, is like trying to gewt rid of viruses, some one will always make a new one.

    The problem is hard to trace back to one individual source, as it is expensive amd to get a proper prosecution from it is also hard.

    I personnally think this is just another white elephant!
  5. There are at least three pieces of spyware from companies that no longer exist loose on the web. so how do you legislate for that ? How does US Law effect a multinational entity like the internet ?

    Also what about the spyware the Police and MI5 use to snoop on us ? They certainly wont ban that either. Some git at the NHS Trust where I work placed I am Big Brother and Win Guardian on all our PC,s to see what naughty boys we were. These are keyloggers which record everything you visit. They are not on mine any longer, I removed them with a anti spyware cleaner. The rest of the Trust is in ignorance of this. Surely this is some sort of human rights infringement.
  6. Try Unlogger from www.easysmallsoft.com it runs in the background and stops any keyboard logging on your PC
  7. actually it is not illegal as the NHS owns their Pc's and so can dictate what you can and cannot use them for...you may find you are in breach of policies and procedures..
  8. I found quite a funky tool called CWS Shredder and tried it out for the craic, for some fairly scary holes in my PC that Addaware and AVG, although my firewall had blocked any dodgy outgoing trafic.

    A key logger on all machines? It's quite a crude method of monitoring activities. What about those that are used for confidential/restricted information? Who would have access to the records which would contain all information related to the departments activities? Additionally it is accepted that most employees will use work computers for personal use at some time (like me, right now), especially during lunch breaks-unless the contract they signed dictates that absolutley no personal use of company PC's is allowed they may well be in breach of privacy. It doesn't seem like the sort of thing that would be implemented without warning the users. Perhaps someone is being naughty? Data protection is an issue here as well.

    End of the day though they are quite entitiled to install whatever they like on the machines that they own.

    As for the tools that the security services use (esp GCHQ) it's pointless worrying about anyway-hadly anything on the net is secure. They probably don't use spyware regularly anyway (it would only be used on warrant), they monitor outgoing and ingoing trafic via the net, radio, phones etc and this is an established right within the various regulations.
  9. MS anti spyware. It's a beta test just now so is free from their website. Just make sure you tell it to get the updates regularly. Used to run spysweeper at one site and ADaware at another both updating regularly and I gave the MS package a shot and it found heaps the others had missed.
  10. We used to run the product that Microsoft bought and it was excellent. We went to renew the subscription in December just to find that Bill had bought the company. So the technology in the new MS Spyware program is well established and used to work well for us.
  11. The MS Spyware, also has the advantage over SpyBot and Co, that is does not have to be run in "safe mode" to be effective.
    The Firefox browser, as it does not use the ActiveX feature of IE, is streets ahead of the normal IC browser

    At List Baby Bill and the "boys" are addressing the "woops factor" in their Various OS's.
    (Of course a Skeptic would say they need to and will fail as usual!)

    P.S. Does anyone know if there are plans in the works for MS to charge for their Spyware?
  12. I think they will have to recover the money they paid Giant for the technology. Probably by inserting their own spyware !