Spying on the good folk...

Big story out of China over the overzealous efforts of the Communist Government to wire up the towns and villages with surveillance cameras to keep tabs on ' criminal elements'.. etc..normally placid ordinary folks are starting to gripe about invasion of privacy issues despite the fact that there are no ' privacy laws' in China..

BUT.. The kicker is China isn't the spyingest country in the world.. the place that keeps the biggest squint at its ' law abiding people' is..

wait for it...
Great Britain!!..

4.2 million closed-curcuit surveillance cameras have been installed in Blighty.. more than in any western country!!..

general concensus is that they havev been ' ineffective ' in preventing crime or in making people ' feel ' safer..

but they sure provide lots of footage for the ' reality' and ' candid camera' shows as well as ' adult ' websites..


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Rocketeer, you under arrest for thoughtcrime against the Liarbour Government, by order of His Excellency Tony BLiar, countersigned by The Trained Monkey, Gordon.

You do not have to say anything, you have the right to the Citizens Advice Bearau. However every thought you may have now and in the future has been taken under control by the Liarbour Government. Do you understand?

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