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Spying on Snow White.

The local Prince Charming carries a happy Snow White off to his castle. The seven dwarfs are worried about this so, keeping out of sight, they follow the pair the short distance to the castle. The pair go inside and shortly a light flickers at a window on the first floor. The dwarfs climb onto each others' shoulders so that the top one can look into the room and relay what is happening. The top dwarf says. "He's carrying her to a big bed." The one under him passes it down to the next dwarf until it gets to Dopey at the bottom. So it goes. "He's carrying her to a big bed. "He's carrying her to a big bed." "He's carrying her to a big bed" and so on down to Dopey. Then the top one says. " He's taking off her dress" and so on to the bottom. Then. " He's taken her vest and pants off" He's taken her vest and pants off" and so on to the bottom. Then, He's kissing her all over" and so down. Then, "He's got his head between her beautiful thighs" relayed down to Dopey. Then. " He's got a huge dick and she's fondling it like mad" down to the bottom. Just then the Prince looks across and spots this hairy face looking at them. He leaps up, grabs his sword and runs over. The top dwarf shouts. " Fuckin' Hell! he's coming" and.. "So am I" So am I" So am I" So am I" So am I".. and "I've come twice already."

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