SPYGLASS..... Sooooo 1980s

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bravo_Bravo, Dec 14, 2003.

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  1. Let us consider STAP, ISTAR and the 24 hour battlespace. TI is an essential part because neither we, nor the enemy stop when the sun goes down.

    Let us think about SPYGLASS - which is actually a good bit of kit. Powered by batteries and running on compressed air.

    Let us think about resupply.

    To charge the air, the bottles need to go to the rear, to find a CEPA ( Charging Equipment Pure Air, for those that dont know. ) The bottles obvously need to get there, they weigh a couple of kilos each; they need to get back to the OP. Three or four needed per day. Journeys, vehicles, men, time, equipment, possible compromise of position as resupply rocks up. This is because they run on compressed air; batteries are easily portable.

    The Fire Brigade use TI.

    Let us consider their resupply requirements:

    They change batteries. They dont use air.

    Why is it so easy for them? Why cant we have kit like theirs?
  2. possibly casue we got spyglass before they got TI
    and maybe be something like there TI got a range of 100metres or so and spyglass can pick targets up at 2k or so
  3. Spotter time! :) :)

    The TI kit that the Fire Brigade have won the Queen's Award for Industry, IIRC - uncooled ferroelectric array, IIRC - and is somewhat more modern than Spyglass.

    See http://www.cctv-information.co.uk/isg/thermal.html

    Spyglass comes from the days when you needed to cool the detector to the point where it could work effectively - hence the compressed air. Slightly more modern units had their refrigerators built in, but the more there is, the heavier it is, and the more there is to go wrong.

    Still, not to worry, find a copy of "Infantryman 2003" and look in the pages at the back about the progress on IR kit :) :)
  4. The picture through Fire Brigade TI is a lot better than through SPYGLASS - as it better shows gradations of temperature I assume it would be able to see targets at greater ranges than SPYGLASS ( which is greater than you indicate :wink: )


    Thanks for the reply - I will track down a copy and have a look. No doubt ITDU are just about to launch a combined TI SPGR with laserrr rangefinder about the size of a packet of 10 fags.[/i]
  5. what about lion sight ? thats ti no air bottles drinks battries but very good piece of kit
  6. in LFB our thermal image is pretty good , point to note on a general overcast day when you look to the sky you can pick out the individual rain clouds...its pretty lightweigh about 2.5 kilo batteries take a chargable nimh battery that lasts for hours and aslo there is a battery pack back up ..just fill up with duracell...only trouble as i assume with all Ti is that it reflects off glass and thus provides the odd occasion where the fireman is attempting to rescue his reflection ...
  7. If you're playing Aliens vs Predator on the PC, always be a Predator. By pressing the '/' key, you have about 4 different modes of vision, including a very good thermal view. Also, you can make yourself invisible.
    When are ITDU going to get their fingers out, so we too can hold our own against Jesse Ventura and Carl Weathers?
  8. Biffa

    I actually first saw Trumptons' TI courtesy of the LFB. I was manning a stand at an Open day; LFB where there. We had SPYGLASS but no air.( We are not scaled for CEPA even though we use TI :roll: )

    I knew that pumps had a compressed air line and asked them for a blast. They asked why; I said for my TI, they showed me their kit. Lightweight, robust, great picture.

    I want one.