Spy wins compensation in sex case

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by india-juliet, Apr 4, 2006.

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  1. A female special forces spy has won £12,000 in compensation after winning part of her sexual discrimination case.
    Cpl Leah Mates, of Calne, Wiltshire, had claimed £686,000.

    She made 43 allegations against colleagues in the Army when she was posted to Northern Ireland with 14 Intelligence Company.

    An Employment Tribunal ruled she had proved 12 allegations and awarded compensation for six. The Ministry of Defence had contested the claims.

    A nice bit of publicity for the Fishers of men!!
  2. Yep, at the bottom of the page!!!!
  3. Can we merge or delete this thread seen as there are plenty about all ready?
  4. Except they aren't.
  5. Twelve grand? Peppercorn payout.
  6. Obviously she didn't win enough money as she is todays scum. I always thought that you had to have permission to talk to the papers, or maybe she is wanting to get kicked out early or will the army let her crack on for the year so she can get her pension sorted. :twisted:

    How will she get on now with her unit that she is with at present who knows :?:
  7. Some spy! She was just attached to stag on in the ops room.
  8. This raises two questions:
    1. How did this Cupid Stunt manage to pass SF Selection in the first place?
    2. When's the book coming out?
  9. I bet Max Clifford is lurking somewhere to be the Agent!!
  10. Fishers Of Men ?..........I thought she claimed to be 14Int ?
  11. How dare she?!? Stuping cucking funt she must be so fcuking hard done by. How long does she get to do her BPFA? How many press ups would she have to do? Hmmm and I wonder if she would be at the rank she is now if she were a bloke. Its a complete joke birds always claim theyre so hard done by when really they have no idea wot its like to be properly fcuked about by someone.

    Yet another case of someone trying to make a quick buck and the soft legal system helping them on their way while at the same time encouraging every other fcuker in the country to do the same thing.

    I might claim sexual discrimintation becuase i have to do a BFPA 3 mintues quicker than the 'birds' although theres no reason why I should I bet Paula Radcliffe could beat me in a BPFA and shes supposedly female.

    I could rant about this all night so ill just say that shes a cnut and leave it at that. O and I hope she is killed in a nasty map marking accident.