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Spy TV

was given a couple of box sets and I'm surprised how they hold up, given their age and ' level of sophisitication'.. actually stack up much better than some of the crud that passes for 'entertainment' these days.

Danger Man [or as the Murrkians called it: Secret Agent Man ] with Patrick McGoohan... bit dated, and in some case, the stories were on the ' lighter side' , but crackin good bits.. Can see the ' premonitions' and ' hints' that led into the Prisoner..

better than that was a Yorkshire TV series with pre-Dalgliesh Roy Marsden [ though he still had no hair and affected a dumb combover ]


as good as or better than the frenetic Jack Bauer " 24 " and, at least he stopped for a pee and some grub...More about him fighting the paperpushing, navel gazing bureaucracy than fighting the Cold War.. but.. a damn fine effort.

Were the early shows that good or am I being nostalgic in my dotage?

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