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Iraq's acceptance of the U-2 flights was announced in New York by its ambassador to the United Nations, Mohamed al-Douri.

The use of the US planes, and the promised new weapons legislation, were key demands of top weapons inspectors during talks in Baghdad that ended on Sunday.

In two days of talks with officials in Baghdad, Hans Blix said he and Mohamed ElBaradei had seen a changed "positive attitude" in Baghdad towards the inspections.

"I think we got compliance," said Mr ElBaradei, of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

"But we have to test that. It is not enough to have verbal commitments."

US State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said Iraq had still not indicated it would comply with UN demands over disarmament.

Interesting to see the Bluppet Broadcasting Corporation put the word "accepts" in inverted commas.


This must really be getting on Shrubs T1ts.....

He's all set to invade, and all of a sudden , Putin (Impeccable spook credentials) the Germans (Impeccable scrapping credentials) and the French, want to have U2 flights, 300+ Inspectors and 20,000 UN troops in Iraq, to make sure that Saddam don't get up to anything.

The American response? The European end of NATO should be ashamed etc etc etc.
The United States defence secretary has said that a crisis in Nato will not delay possible military action in Iraq.

So, to recap, we are according to the alternative plan, going to hearts and minds from within, and armed this time, as opposed to trying to sort a mess out. We will stop Saddam from ever deploying WMD's as well as setting about putting Iraq right, all without potential loss of life to civpop and us.

The Americans are saying bollox, we're going to invade.
Let's be blunt, if they won't accept this, then it was about oil, all the fcuking time.

Meanwhile , Osamam bin Laden is tooling about the place, free as a bird...... :mad


I'm not sure what game Apocalypse Bush is playing at, but I hope they have an independent psycho-analyst take a look at him soon.


Bet Old saddam is laughing his 70's porn star 'tache off! backing from Putin, Chirac and Schroeder and who ever is in charge of the chocolate in Belgium! All they need now on their side is the Chinese and we'll be bolloxd!

Dubya and B Liar better watch out they dont come and get us!


Best be careful talking like that round here :-X


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