Spy planes idea in yob crackdown

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mad_Moriarty, Oct 15, 2006.

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  1. Calm down Calm down!

    Spy planes could be flown high above the streets of Merseyside as part of a crackdown on anti-social behaviour.

    More here

    This is what happned to the last spy plane that landed at Lennon for re-fueling !!!

  2. There are even more radical ideas afoot.

    If the spy planes, massive ID card database and real time number plate cameras don't work, the home office may consider employing more coppers. Arresting people who break the law has not been ruled out either.

    Who says the government has run out of ideas?
  3. How would you pick out a Scouse yob from a few thousand feet up. They all look the same!!

  4. Spy plane! If they use predator, Hellfire missiles can be fitted to 'end' joyrides in a decisive manner, as there are no police to chase them. It could also be run from a call-center in india.

  5. I was thinking exactly the same!

    I do hope they have missiles.
  6. Is this what they plan to do with the couple of baskets of spares marked "Phoenix UAV system"?
  7. I think you find that this is going to be a PPP / PFI initiative. Most of the enforcement officers will be drawn from the exisiting illegal immigrants from the Niger delta, already employed by Westminster and Camden parking enforcement.
  8. Dont forget Islington aswell!
  9. nah if its got to be run from a call centre its got to be at least a british call centre :D why should indians get all the fun :twisted:
    although as its liverpool surely tridents the way to go :D
  10. I think Predators fitted with Sarin, Tabun or VX so the bvggers can be treated to a drop of human flit and be wasted whilst the buildings remain intact for immediate occupation bt displaced Londoners - but only after the jocks have cleaned the place up.
  11. Yawn...and it's a warm welcome back to 'Scouse' jokes and funny pictures............

    MM- You need some new mateial. You're losing your edge....