Spy Pigeons arrested in Iran....

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by TheBigUn, Oct 21, 2008.

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  1. Spy pigeons fitted with metal rings and "invisible" strings have been captured.


    Which reminds me:

    The baby pigeon complained to his mother before flying a long distance, 'I can't make it, I'll get too tired.'

    His mother replied, 'Don't worry, I'll tie a piece of string to one of your legs and the other end to mine.'

    The baby started to cry.

    'What's wrong?' asked the mother sympathetically.

    'I don't want to end up being pigeon towed.'

  2. I can't help feeling that "captured" might have been a better word than "arrested" as questioning the suspects might be a little difficult...
  3. Will the birds in question be given nice shiny grey suits? Did either have an ipod on them when captured?
  4. Slow day in the Telegraph office. This was sold as news a couple of years back.

    Therefore I conclude its utter boll ox.
  5. Or will they claim it was unintentional and that they accidentally flew into Iranian airspace? :wink:
  6. You never know...............

    WW1 Spy Pigeons.....

  7. I guess its linked to the arrest of a donkey for stealing but that was in Egypt IIRC?

    Signs of an upcoming International terrorist organisation of angry animals fighting back at thousands of years of persecution by humans, perhaps..........
  8. Obviousy trying to go one better than the Africans who arrested goats for being sold illegally ...

    ... no, they use secret squirrels
  9. "invisible" strings were attached to the bird

    Really how did they know if they were invisible? Hmmmmmmmm
  10. Well someone's got to say it. :roll:

    You've arrested my Speckled Jim? Gaaaaahhhhhhh
  11. Has anyone seen me tumblers......??
  12. Hand me that black hat, I'll be needing it shortly.
  13. Feck me they were my prize racing pigeons. Wondered where they went. Probably see them beheaded on a website next
  14. Do the Iranian police have nothing better to do than suspect pigeons of spying on them? Are they planning on questioning them next?
  15. Isn't rose water some sort of perfume? What's it got to do with nuclear production?