Spy law used in dog fouling war

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vampireuk, Apr 27, 2008.

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  1. Well I'm glad they are using this responsibly. :roll:

    Edit: due to mongness and forgetting a link.

  2. Big Brother strikes again!
  3. Big Bother state. Is it a good or a bad thing? If is sorts out chavs I'm fine, if it's misused I start to wonder.
  4. When surveilance is used to target criminal activity and protect people from it then I'm in favour of it been used. When it comes to crap like this then it is stepping way over the line. I'm not suprised with the local councils to be honest though, they are all bloody insane.
  5. Big Brother can be a force for used if used properly by the correct people however the councils seem to use it to micro manage our lives!
  6. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Thats the problem the chavs and other scum of the world carry on as normal and no one bothers them

    In York the police have just launched Operation Dawn
    It is part of a "crime clampdown" thats been going on for weeks in and around York

    Who are they targeting I hear you cry drug dealers? Burglers? Scum and Criminals?


    Operation Dawn is an ongoing clamp down by police and vosa in and around the city as part of operation Dawn the PCOS will look at car tax in windscreens as they patrol and issue tickets
    The rest of us can expect to be waved in to a police checkpoint were vosa will check our cars and dip our tanks to make sure the fuel is cosher
    Over 3000 people have been done so far getting a £60 fine and 3 points

    Yet when the police put a poster in the local shop showing pictures of who the PCSO's were some lads drew slag, baldy etc under the pictures the PSCO's never even moved them on

    Why not just hang the swasticas from the town hall now? :x
  7. TBS.. do you have a link? what are the 3000 people getting £60 fines and 3 points for?
  8. It's all about proportionality in my mind.

    In the case of Poole, I believe that the local authority was trying to invstigate the issue of whether parents had conspired to deceive them over school catchment areas. These issues cost the ratepayers a great deal of money, therefore an investigation (of sorts) was justified. But was the use of covert surveillance justified over such a relatively trivial issue? Of course not!

    Will these same local authorities be using covert surveillance of teachers in the classroom in an effort to detect them promoting their political views to vulnerable kids? Will they be using them against PTAs who illegally try to coerce "voluntantary donations" in return for admitting kids to the school from outside of the proper catchment areas? Of course they won't.

    Local authorities, by their very nature, are hardly suited to such an issue. If they had believed a crime was being committed, then it is the police whose job it is to investigate, not local politicians. And if the police have insufficient resources, then it is the local authority who are responsible for that, also.

    But if RIPA is being routinely abused by local authorities, you can be sure that the police will not be far behind, forced to meet targets set by bean counters appointed by politicians. In our area, I understand that covert evidence from street cameras can now be used against illegally parked motorists, little wonder that people are now routinely splatting these cameras with paint ball guns to blind them.

    As someone said, it won't be long before the swastika is flying from the town hall.
  9. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I'll try and find one
    They have set up checkpoints in some areas similer to the ones HGV's have on the motor ways
    The vosa and police check your car tyres etc and if anythings wrong they fine you
    Which whilst I don't disagree is fair enough and I beleive they are trying to clamp down on anti social behavior the problem is we seem to see two PCSO's round my way whose sole objectives seem to be getting free brews and sending text messages
    Yet at these check points theres 4 cars and two or three bikes all just sat there whist the van with god knows how many in film your registration plates

    I could take it a bit better if some of the scum who are being nicked for dealing drugs etc wern't released the following day to deal again with 80 hours community service which they have no intention of serving

    Although to balance they did actually manage to jail some people a while back Swings and roundabouts and all that
  10. Because that would be an entirely unjustified association between two organisations.

    The Nazis had law and order.
  11. This is because the average, legal motorist is unlikely to launch a tirade of abuse against the police, and be backed up by hooded scum in a violent confrontation.

    Path of least resistance mate. Until we insert the word 'robust' before the sentence 'policing by consent', this is all we can expect, and then it just means the vehicle checkpoints will be manned by armed police. No witnesses other than the bobby and databases are needed to prosecute for a bald tyre, yet when (as around here recently) a granny was murdered by a drug-dependent mugger, no witnesses could be found.
  12. Is THIS it TBS
  13. robust policing is needed so that scumbags stop behaving like scumbags either by soft or hard means
  14. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Yes mate thats part of it I was trying to find the figures
    It's being going on for months
    They set up similer checkpoints in 'normal' roads in the city

    Whilst I have no problem with it crap cars should be dragged away and scrapped but I would like to see alot of those police out on the beat

    As an Aside
    I went to Glasgow a couple of months ago for a week
    I don't have off street parking so my Vectra (T reg nowt flash) was left in the street
    When I came back there was an 'abandoned car' sticker on the front with a notice telling me it was to be scrapped within 7 days and if I didn't do it the council would and charge me for it

    "I contacted the council It was reported by a patrol (?) because it has no tax disc and a broken window and we couldn't find you"

    "It has a broken window because it's been broken into and they stole the tax disc didn't the glass on the seat tell your man that"

    "We can't judge we have to report the facts"
    They lifted the destruction order but if I'd stayed for another week I would have come home to a scrapped car and £100 penalty for the pleasure

    My neighbour reported a PCSO for checking tyres in the street as they walked round on 'patrol'
    Miss everything else but they can spot a dogey tyre from a mile off :roll:
  15. Absolutely right to do so. If the person was touching property, there is a risk he could have been interfering with it. Furthermore, if your neighbour had to take his car to a garage to be checked afterwoards, for reassurance, then he would have a financial claim against them.