Spy ink were used during elections in Russia

Frankly speaking it is not something new. Putin's gang being unable to win in a fair elctions resorts to dirty tricks.

The first usage of 'vanishing ink' happened the last year

Russian Voters Defrauded With Invisible Ink : The Other Russia

Just Russia, a minority political party, claims that voters were given pens filled with disappearing ink, with the result that any vote recorded would simply fade off the ballot. Blank ballots are considered invalid under Russian law.
In the video, an older pensioner fumbles near the ballot box, suddenly noticing that her ballot selection has disappeared, leaving her with a blank slip.

The pensioner turns to an incredulous election worker, who uses a pen from the ballot booth to write “I don’t believe you,” on the ballot. Several minutes later, the phrase fades from sight, much to the surprise of astonished onlookers.
Russia’s Central Electoral Commission (CEC), which oversees elections, said that using invisible ink did not formally violate any laws, suggesting that the tactic was a sort of loophole. As of yet, the Commission had not formally looked into the allegations.

CEC member Igor Borisov told Gazeta.ru that electoral law dictates that polling stations must contain a pen, but that the law does not define what the composition of the ink must be.
During the recent elections where were similar cases.

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The bloke tells about invisible ink, about voters who discovered that they 'have voted' and discovered their faked signatures.
Most of us in Britain have our own pens, not state sponsored "magic markers" !!
However we do have apparently unlimited postal votes which can, allegedly, be fiddled by certain groups in our society!!
What?! Outrage! Bloody outrage!

Or we could of course just resort to stealing elections a la G.W.Bush. Saves on the invisible ink, you see?

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