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Spy in ladies public toilet wore knickers

What a marvellous chap, I wore my girlfriend's knicks to work once but drilling a hole in the the wall of ladies' lav to observe some hot tart doing a poo is pure genius!

The complainent was obviosly pissed that he decided not to "satisfy" himself whilst looking at her!!!!!

not sure about the soiled part though ????????
Markintime said:
He was kept in custody and referred to Crown Court? Surely this is merely a minor offence?
It's only a minor offence if it's a Ewe, very common and only a £1.00 fine.

It's a Crown Court job, because peeping at an actual non ovine female is regarded as being seriously unnatural.
I knew a ginger chap who had a gorgeous gf that squeased one out on his chest once, she went on to be a model too. I must say I was quite jealous! Where does one meet these birds :?

Perhaps a more demanding question would be what do you do afterwards when you're left with clumps of doodoo all over your belly 8O

Monty417 said:
llech said:
This bit I had a chuckle at- extremely soiled women's knickers!

Dirty, dirty fecker! Still nothing any of us hasn't done! :D
Speak for yourself flat stone, mine are spotlessly white...well, to start off. :oops:
Mine are black with pink frilly bits around the edge, a few spaff stains mixed with girl gunk cover the crotch. I wear them to work sometimes & other times I wear them on my head & prance around my flat naked.

Oh how I only wish I were kidding...


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