Spy girl

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by milkybar, Nov 9, 2005.

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  1. She said that when she asked Sergeant Major Patrick Carley if he would recommend her, he replied: “I would rather drink cocktails by Michael Barrymore's pool.”
    Brilliant Very Funny :lol:
    She wants £686,000 compensation for loss of earnings plus damages for hurt feelings.
    I got Called a fat cnut last week can I claim for hurt feelings £2.30 for a pint will do it
  2. Already discussed on another thread
  3. Specifically see 'New Military sexual harassment claim' on the news etc. forum. Lots already been said there.
  4. Does anyone know the aforementioned Sergeant Major - is he a Sergeant Major - I know a guy of that name - but not a failed tradesman.
  5. Bwah ha ha ha!!! 'I want you all to call me Loretta', Can you imagine bing on orders 'Are you such (gives number and rank)', 'Nope'. Must be confusing when shouting across the bar too.
  6. It makes one think doesn't it ? I mean, i think i'd find it a tad awkward if i was to serve with that particular individual after all the shouting and screaming had been done !! ANY WAY RE-FORM THE WRAC.
  7. I'd certainly have a problem with it if her claims are thrown out of the ET. If her complaints are upheld, then she has got justice (although i'm not sure hurt feelings are worth 700 grand, maybe the army needs to look harder at the robustness of the people it employs). I'll wait for the outcome of the ET before i pass any judgement.

  8. Served with her for a while. She seemed ok to me. :eek:

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  9. Stop giving The Scum website hits!

    You'll only encourage them.. :cry:
  10. Is that so that she can claim the full resettlement entitlement and a decent pension, by chance?

    Duty Cynic
  11. You're such a cynic Ghostie
  12. PM sent Whistler
  13. She complained that someone whacked off whilst calling her name. Does that mean I can sue Biscuits AB?
  14. Don’t know her but I do know the guy that she is accusing of physical assault. Lee is a good lad and a dam good footballer (yes I know that has nothing to do with it) and would not take that sort of action without severe provocation. We obviously do not know the full story on that one.