SPVC/JPA/OA in shagged pay *shock horror*


I've searched the forums and found a couple of similar posts talking about a letter from the SPVA informing you ever-so-nicely that you have been overpaid Op Allowance and they are about to claw it back....

However, having drawn the keys to the outrage bus/rigid raider i just wanted a feel for how many lads and lasses have received an "overpayment of OA" letter recently, and how many of you feel that what you have received tallies with the daily amount x number of days deployed sum.

Having done a stint with 42 Cdo RM on H5, leaving on-draft and returning mid-tour to go on a course with the Army (anyone spot the problem with being unsighted to my previous parent unit...and gaining unit?!), it took a while for my op allowance to arrive...until, 9 months after i deployed (and around 5 months after returning) i received 9 months' worth of OA. This, naturally was clawed back before i was given the correct amount after a few months' payslips see-sawing between the mob owing me, and me owing them....

Not long been back from another stint in 'Ghanners from which i was expecting around £1100 OA for just under 4 months' deployed before again leaving on draft (yeah yeah, half tour warrior but after two of them i've earned a full gong!).

This morning, i receive in the post a forwarded letter from my old unit stating that "following an internal audit of JPA it has been identified that a number of Service Personnel have been overpaid Operational Allowance....advance warning of recovery blah blah...this is the final stage of work to correct all duplicate payments of Operational Allowance, the MAJORITY OF WHICH DATE FROM 2007...".

Now, i am 99.99% certain that i have never received a buck-shee £1197 in my account, that it tallies with the days i have just been deployed for, and nowehere on the letter does it state exactly WHEN the SPVA thinks i got overpaid.

So, in summary...HELP please (I'm well aware those Army ranks on here with a slightly different shade of Green Beret are faaaar better at this admin thing than me, as it quite frankly bores me...). Besides being very nice to the clerk at my new unit on Monday morning and going through the last 30 months' pay slips, what can i do?

Oh and who are these cretins at SPVA, why is nobody EVER accountable for the constant stream of pay fcuk-ups, why did the MOD buy an admin system rejected by civvie supermarket firms, and why are people still confused as to why young Marines (et al) are sticking their chits in to go outside?! It strikes me that in my time as a Tp boss in a few different organisations every single Marine submitting their notice to TX has cited "constant pay **** ups/JPA is shit" on their exit interview....

I must be lucky in that JPA has not yet messed up my pay, although it has messed me around with both leave and claims.

Unfortunately, your opinion of JPA is not shared by the Minister for the Armed Forces who told the House of Commons on Thursday last that "JPA is a good system".

Hmmm. I swore at the telly along the lines of "only someone who doesn't use JPA could claim that it was a good system"!

and breathe...



Dutybooty, at our unit several people have received the same letters and each time we have gone through all payslips to check where the overpayment was. Each time it has shown that the overpayment did happen.

I have to add that it is mainly RM personnel at our unit that have been affected. I dealt with two in the last week and both were 100% certain that they had never received more than one payment. Under their login there was only one payment, but as HR admin I checked Payroll processes and on a couple of months there was the overpayment on Run 2. After checking bank statements we were able to confirm that the overpayment was correct.

Probably not what you want to hear but if your HR Admin/Writer can do this check for you it might clear up where the overpayment happened.

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