SPVA Pensions Appeal


I've recently appealed against my SPVA Pension Percentage award and have been warned/advised that it could take anything from one month, to one year plus.

Just wondering what amount of time others have had to wait for their appeal cases to be re-judged...?

I look forward to reading your horror stories and by my reckoning, I could have a long time gap to fill whilst reading them.
I appealed the award (20%) I was given in August 2006 award date was June 2006, after being MD with PTSD. I finally won my appeal April 2008, when it was raised to 40%, and backdated to February 2006. Last October the SPVA raised my War Pension up by 10%.

I now have a war pension of 50%, and lower standards of occupation, with another two claims still outstanding.

If I were you I would find out which is the best ex service charity to help you out.I had a lot of help and support from the National Gulf Veterans and Families Association:


The support and help they gave to my family and me was above and beyond what I was looking for.
Spanish_Dave said:
RBL guy said to me outside the court "you have won, no need to go inside" when he came out he said well done Mr S_D, told you so.

Never met him before but they know the rules, top tip, use them!!
I put the RBL as my representative. Also put in for Lowered Standard of Occupation just after my Appeal was sent in. The SPVA welfare worker seemed okay when she came to visit, but at the end of the day they're all the same Cap-Badge, if you know what I mean...!

The most annoying thing is that had they simply read all the evidence in the first place, then I wouldn't be in this situation now. But I suppose that like everything else, the LOUDER you shout the more you get noticed.


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