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SPVA Chief Executive, anyone know the story

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by mattygc, Mar 11, 2008.

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  1. I just contacted the SPVA to send a rather nasty email to the Chief Exec Mr Tim Taylor. Only I was told he'd left.

    How the f*** anyone noticed is beyond me.

    Anyhoo I asked for the name of his replacement and was told it was rear Admiral T Spires. Who I believe was the invisible mans boss.

    Question what happened to the Taylor bloke. and has RA Spires been demoted to just running the SPVA, or is he now doing two jobs like Mr Browne.

    And does this mean we will actually see people at the SPVA get it right at last.
  2. It seems the customer support managers got it wrong again. RA Spires is the guy in overall charge. Theres a new woman in charge of the spva. I can only hope she's got more balls than the woman that was running it before. Even if the woman running it before was a bloke.

  3. Tim Taylor was the CE of the Veterans Agency, Spires was CE of AFPAA. When the VA + AFPAA merged last April to form the SPVA, Spires became CE of the new Agency and Taylor was his deputy & remained in charge of Veterans Affairs I believe Mr Taylor has now left on grounds of ill health (whatever his faults whilst in post, I wish him a speedy recovery) and Spires is due to lretire in August. For introducing JPA and the poor treatment of Service personnel, Veterans & his staff, R Admrl Spires will not be missed.

    Lets hope their replacements do better!
  4. part of what joe90x wrote

    I believe Mr Taylor has now left on grounds of ill health (whatever his faults whilst in post, I wish him a speedy recovery) .

    I don't. I hope the bast*rd suffers like he and his staff have made me and every other bugger who have crossed their paths suffer.

    If this country ever suffers ethnic cleansing. the SPVA will run the death camps
  5. Well the new director of the SPVA Alison Stimsone is as bad as the the only living brain transplant donor that had the job before her.

    Easy transition then.
  6. I know this is an old thread but this post had me in bits. Thanks Mattygc :)