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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by netleyned, Jun 8, 2012.

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  1. For the past 2 weeks I've been trying to get through to the SPVA just to change some details, now I know I could go on line, but dammit I'm British, a veteran and a man and that's too much like hard work!!! Anyhoo finally got through and was placed onto the call waiting list. My waiting time; 67 minutes...GTF!

    Can anyone possibly beat this?

    (God I'm turning into Col Netley)
  2. Find the office relevant to your area (check SPVA website) and call them direct.

  3. Attempting to contact SPVA or WPA

    I have come across this problem over the years and it is obviously very frustrating to state the least. I thought it incredulous that day after day the lines were constantly busy and then I was cut off as the above member has also picked up on.

    So, I thought, what if I was overseas. There is a specific telephone number for their use. So I dialed the overseas number and guess what...? I got through to the switchboard at SPVA or WPA straight away with no hassles, issues or problems. I spoke to someone about my pension query and when I had finished I mentioned to that person that there appears to be a problem with their telephone lines in that they were always busy and the line then got cut off after hearing the pre recorded message. I then mentioned that I had tried and succeeded in getting through by dialing the overseas number. The person to whom I was speaking to said that she would investigate this problem.

    I thanked her and a couple of weeks later telephoned the UK number and lo and behold got through to the switchboard straight away with no message that they were busy and spoke to someone.

  4. I was going to mention that - always works - chek your bank card as well for a 'calling from abroad' number!

    Also, if it is an 0870 etc type number, then go online and look for 'just say no to 0870' and that site will give you a direct landline number for just about everywhere.