SPVA, are they fit for purpose.?

After eight and a half months of sheer frustration, I am asking if the SPVA is fit for purpose.

In Dec last year I submitted a claim for a war pension, along with medical report from a professor and a counsellor who deal with Chronic PTSD, I attended an ATOS medical, and gave them reports from my GP about the medication I am on.

This month, they inform me that they are returning the reports for signatures and qualifications to be added before they can consider the claim. (8 and 1/2 months after first receiving them)

As I had kept copies I showed them to my MP clearly showing the signatures and qualifications on these reports, he concluded that the SPVA were in his words, Incompetent and a few other choice expletives.

I have just been informed that the average waiting time for a claim to be concluded is now 10 months and that is if they don't want any more information from you, what a waste of space. ANY COMMENTS ANYONE.


I've had little problem with the War Pensions part of SPVA, however the same can't be said for the AFCS side of things.
If you have read most of the topics on here paddy you'll notice a repeating factor going back to this websites conception and its always the same thing as you have posted. Most of the people on here have had dealings with the SPVA and im not going for the knobhead angle here but 8 1/2 months isint that long when dealing with the spva and my last one with them was 15months start to finish.
The first claim against them lasted for 6 years from pension to tribunal finish.

But as I was told on here from dale is dont let the bastards grind you down.

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I've had no probs with SPVA- Xafinity ( or whatever they are calling themselves now) is a different story. I have been trying to sort a couple of issues with my pension. 2 letters and an email have not garnered a reply for a couple of things that should be very straight forward to sort out.
I claimed to AFCS, was transferred to WP due to Broken Service.

been in for over a year now and now awaiting an appt to see an ATOS Specialist.


After eight and a half months of sheer frustration, I am asking if the SPVA is fit for purpose.
Yes I've plenty to comment on about the SPVA, but it's all been said before on the thread "Can the SPVA get any worse". I verbally told a Customer Service Manager that I thought the SPVA were inept (without skill or aptitude for a particular task or assignment). I also put it in writing when I submitted a complaint. After receiving a reply from the SPVA CE I'm even more inclined to call them inept.
If they are understaffed and overworked then I see that as their own doing. They just won't relate to the customer even though they claim
"We aim to provide a high-quality service and to treat everyone equally"
What a piece of BS.
In my case, I tried to get them to pay my hospital costs going back 20 months. In my opinion it was highly obvious that I was entitled to the payments but they wouldn't admit to it. My letters run into double figures trying to get them to pay me. In the end, one letter to the CE did it for me. Follow the appeals proceedure.
Paddy's Minder, go buy yourself a few books and prepare for the long haul. But whatever you do don't give up. That's what they want you to do. They just don't want to pay you, simple as that. They have targets (savings) to meet.
Stick with it Paddy's Minder.:)
Talking about the length of time it takes, I was speaking with a director from the Kidderminster Branch of the SPVA who informed me that ten months is the usual time it takes, unless they require more information.
It took them this length of time to suddenly decide that the reports I submitted from my health care professionals were not signed nor was the qualifications of the report authors on the reports.(They were, as my MP will testify)
Anyway its Sunday today, nice dinner, nap on the settee, sun shining, wife out, perfect day, war starts again tomorrow.


I provided a service for 15 years, the least they could do is extend the same courtesy.
Didn't we all "provide a service"? But they don't give a fcuk about that. With hindsight. Would many of us have been so hasty in taking the 'Queens Shilling' if we knew that we'd jump through all the hoops that we are made to do? I feel there should be informative discussion given, whilst serving, on what to do in the event one gets injured through military service. No harm in that is there?
I just wonder how many personnel have dropped their claims against the SPVA/MoD just out of frustration due to the hassle? My wife told me to walk away from it 20 months ago as she could see the BS one has to go through to get what's rightfully mine/yours. In my case medical and travel expenses. Prior to that, in dealings with my WP, I never had an ounce of trouble in over 30 years. Signs of the times I suppose?
I am currently in dispute with the SPVA.
I did 22 years reached CSgt, upon leaving I took full Commutation and was in receipt of approx £9000 per year.
I joined the MPGS, as a Private (in possession of full pensionable amount), for about 4 months (I was offered a better job and applied for early release via CO).
In 2007 I took an FTRS position as a CSgt. The SPVA abated all of my pension and made me pay £149 per month commutation repayment.
In there humble opinion my last paid rank in regular service was as a Private soldier Using JSP 764 Part 3.
I contacted FPS and they suggested I quote AFPS 75 regulations which states regular reserve pay should be abated against the last days pay which the pension was earnt.
SVPA would not budge and again quoted JSP 764 without any regard for AFPS 75 at all.
They even suggest that MPGS service is "Regular Service"!
According to Ministry Of Defence, UK Armed Forces Quarterly Personnel Report, 1 October 2013. The MPGS is not part of UK Regular Forces but ‘Other Personnel types’
The SPVA, even though trying to ignore APFS75, did suggest in a phone call, that as my MPGS was so short, even though I elected for a separate pension scheme upon joining MPGS, was too short to start a separate pension scheme, so arbitrarily, without consultation, added the 171 days of MPGS service to my current pension scheme and "Hey Presto!" the whole pension was accumulated as a Private which is now in line with AFPS 75.
This, of course, is not over!
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After Gawd knows how long, I finally got a letter back from them saying they have received my request for my med docs and "will reply to me within 40 days".

They kept sending me letters asking for details of my injuries, blah, blah, so I'd reply with a "You've got my med docs, you've got all the info" every time.

The last one I sent back was in CAPITAL LETTERS and harsh font. This appears to have worked. We'll see how it goes.

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