Spurs with Mess dress

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by wingedmonkey, May 22, 2006.

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  1. Rant!

    Im all for transferees being proud of their traditions and background, however im also very proud of the Int Corrps traditions and I expect people to repect them when they transfer. Was anyone else pissed off to the max by the fat ex Cav transferee at the D Int dining in wearing his spurs - for the second time at a Corps Mess do - wearing his Spurs. If you are reading this, you are not a field Officer, Adjudant or in the Cav anymore - you are a twat.

    If you quote Mat Regs at me again or wear them again i will ram them up your arse.
  2. Bet you don't!
  3. sure there is a spurs / reptile / cowboy joke in there somewhere, but i can't be bothered :)
  4. PAH! Beat me to it :D
  5. Jealous because you will never get to wear spurs?

    (Unless you complete a Manor course :D Sorry had to slip that in)
  6. why didn't you then? Instead of gobbing off on an anon forum? Go on do it. You know you want to.
  7. I'm all for people supporting there football teams in or out of uniform - Tottenham had a good season this year. :?:
  8. you mean Tottenham Trotspurs? :lol:
  9. He's got a point though.

    If you transfer to the Corps, you are leaving you former corps/regt/bn/club/gang and it's traditions. We have our own in the Corps. Get used to them!
  10. Such as incorrect usage of the apostrophe

    "Taxi for DW"
  11. DOH!
  12. Surely if they're not in dress regs, the Corps Razza should have gripped the mofo, fined him several bottles of port and issued the extras?
  13. Perhaps more worryingly, he's showing Spurs because he supports Tottenham. What would he be showing if he supported Arsenal............