Spurs - Who supports them ?

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by calibra4x4, Dec 13, 2008.

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  1. It will be of no surprise to most of you when we tell you that you can win a new Lotus Elise S, (thanks to Lotus Cars GB and Griffin Tax Free), and that the tickets only cost a fiver.

    However, what you will not be aware of is the otal lack of interest of some of our Premiership football teams.

    We wrote to Spurs, (Mr Redknapp himself, being a down to earth sort of chap we thought he might like to help out), highlighting our raffle and requesting a single page in one home match day programme. The response is pityful and shows total lack of respect for what we are doing, what H4H is doing and what our chaps are doing while on tour.

    We were told "due to many hundreds of requests every week like yours we are unable to help, only sponsors are able to go into match day programmes." (thanks Emma in PR).

    Now perhaps I'm missing the something here, but how many hundreds of raffles are there each week giving away a new Lotus in aid of Help for Heroes Emma?

    Is it only me that thinks a club the size of Spurs could at least help with one insert, in one programme, on one day?

    We have had a fantastic response from everyone on ARRSE and we are truely very grateful that you have all joined in to, not only win a car, but to support Phil Packer and H4H.

    So, is it just me caring too much about what we are trying to do? Or is it really a total lack of respect from Spurs?

    Your thoughts chaps????
  2. Who gave the Lotus for the raffle? why not sell it and put the money in the H4H fund? im sure it is worth more than the amount that will be made from ticket sales.
  3. Lotus GB and Griffin Tax Free are supplying the car.

    I think you are missing the point Gren, loads of other teams are supporting this, it just puts the Yids in a bad light.

    Before everybody jumps on the 'they get loads of requests a week bandwagan' think of the positive publicity they would get from one page in a matchday programme.

    How much money would they actually loose? About 1000th of Rednapps daily wage probably :roll:
  4. Thanks for that well informed response Gren, you clown !!

    If 40,000 people see a premiership match and 10% buy a ticket that's £20000. Times that by four or five clubs and that's a lot of pennies for H4H

    Basic maths is wonderful thing !!
  5. Right, to answer your "clown" remark.

    First off you didnt say anything about 4 or 5 clubs, just spurs, no mention is made of any other club being approached, so excuse my ignorance, but one club selling 10% does not add up to more than the cars worth, hence my comments.
    Basic maths on that, do make the car worth more than the ticket sales.

    Knowing now that you are NOT just talking about ONE club, then it makes a lot more sense, and I retract my first reply, on that basis.

    Happy now?

    Or failing that, next time, try putting the correct facts down before you want an opinion, that way you might get answers relevent to the question.
  6. I thought this was something to do with the cavalry......