Spurious 3 Para / Blade

Can anyone help me on a possible unlegit military combatives / self defence instructor in Bristol? I bumped into a chap at a local gym who claims to have a very diverse military background with the Parachute Regiment that seems an impossibility of chance. Says he was in 3 Para for 24yrs and flashed me the SAS logo on his phone.........

He is teaching quite vunerable and challenged people self defence techniques so I reckon this pushes him into the serious level of bullshitting.

I was recommended to this forum to check his previous military credentials. I didn't read the small print on the forum rules / I'm a newbie at this so please take it easy on me!
He's obviously a walt - next.

Seriously, you expect to get an answer on that scant detail? Name, come on.
Sorry chap. His said his name was Stuart Cadwell, Caudwell, Cauldwell? . 37-42. White 5"8 ish body builder type build. Balding with tats.

I figured he's clearly bullshitting about being in the SAS. But a PTI with Para?
Bloody hell. Just looked at the Facebook link. I didn't realise that some this type of lying went that far. That guy pretending to be a wounded veteran. Mother of God that's fucked up. Sorry for wasting your time on a smaller issue.
I'd imagine somebody who had served para regt for 24 years as well as SAS would be doing something a little more lucrative than teaching kids self defence..in fucking Bristol!

Little known fact- Most doormen in the UK are either ex para but their knees meant they had to leave, just waiting for the next close protection job (being a steward at a festival) or were in the army but cant tell you what they did or they'd have to kill you.
Also, Anyone under the age of 25 who has spent any time at all in the army, will come furnished with dits about their time in Afghanistan. You will then find out the majority of them served 6 months and got as far as caterick in their worldly travels.
You don't say how old he is but I can guarantee that no one of that name served anywhere near 24 years in 3 Para from the 80s onwards.
He is teaching quite vunerable and challenged people self defence techniques
Then he should have a Disclosure or whatever they are called these days. If he is teaching on behalf of the gym, ask the manager to see it, if he is doing it off his own back, ask him for it.

If it cannot be produced, talk to the Police about your concerns. If it can be produced, does not mean he is not bullshitting, but does mean you have a course to follow in reporting inappropriate behaviour to impress kids.
He was about 37-42 years old. I'll go back and set him right on a few facts and see if he disappears. If not I'll do what 2/51 suggested. Thanks again.
If he's 37 years old and done 24 years as a Para, ask whether he still has his ACF brassard.
If hes in the gym then hes probably got more claim to military service than 99% of posters on this site. And what ooh matron said.
Don't know who I hate more Walts or Walt 'Hunters'? Is there a thread in there somewhere?

I lean towards Walt 'Hunters' if I'm honest ~ unless there's a charity box in the story
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