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Open faced hallmarked silver pocket watch, serviced and running well. Swiss key wind and set, with key but no chain. Have got a fancy fob available, but personally don't think it suits the watch.

I'll be ebaying this later in the week, but figured if someone here is looking and wants to bung me 30 quid (inc postage) they can have it and save me the hassle of listing.

Anyone interested, pm and I can give more details / photos etc.


Check your PMs
Sold to the man in Locationed.

If anyone else is looking, let me know - I may have a couple more in a week or two :)

Many thanks, now I have Gunner Time for my Mess Kit.

And a pink box, but don't spread it around :lol:
After the last one got snapped up so fast, here's another for any Arrser who's looking before I EBay it next week.

It's about 1920s, pendant wind, in a heavily engraved nickel-silver case. Note that nickel- (or "german-") silver doesn't contain silver. It's a hard alloy of nickel and copper with silver colour but much harder wearing. Hence the back engraving still being nice and sharp after 90-odd years of use!

The dial is clean white enamel with black hours, red 24-hour markings, and gilt dots for the minutes. Hands are fancy gilt for the hour and minute, with plain sub-seconds. The watch is about 47mm diameter and 15mm thick - quite slim for the period.

It has a jewelled cylinder movement which is newly serviced and running beautifully.

Need to ask £40 (inc postage) for this one to cover costs but I'd rather an arrser had it and used it than it went in some collector's drawer :lol: Any takers, drop me a PM.

Edited to add: Sold. Thanks for your custom, please call again :)


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