Spud & Tomato recipes required..

I turned 40 this year and its in the rules that I had to build a greenhouse and create a vegetable plot where some of the lawn used to be - much to the disgust of the kids and other household pets.

Now, as its my first year at this gardening lark I've kept it simple and have restricted myself to growing Tomatoes and peppers in the greenhouse and spuds in the veggie plot.

So, what mouthwatering delicacies can I conjure up using these ingredients to convince the other members of the IT_Guy household that gardening isn't a complete waste of time and effort?
This is daftly simple, and is best done as a side dish, but i have on many ocasions had as a main corse, it was given to me by a *lovely* spanish lady.
Sliced potatoes- whole round, about half a cm thick
slced onion - fine rings
LOTS of garlic (one clove each)
olive oil
bread crumbs

place layers of potato, in an oven dish adding garlic, breadcrumbs and onion ocasionally and tomato even less often than that. douse with plenty (plenty plenty!) of olive oil and top with more tomato and breadcrumbs.
put in oven at gas mark HOT for twenty minuites, or untill potato is nice and soft. serve with grated carrot with vinagar based dressing, salad and tosted sunflower seeds. ( i ignore the seeds more often than not.
the trick (if there is one) is to make sure its nice and thick and oily - (i say!), otherwise you just end up makeing chips.

as i said, stupidly simple but surprisingly tasty, good if your just cooking for yourself.

If you're growing cherry tomato try them as a hot salad dressing.

Into an oven proof dish throw the tomato, french basil, garlic, black pepper, salt and a splash of olive oil. Mix until all coated then bunge in oven 180 for about 45 minutes.

Serve over a nice baby leaf salad with goats cheese cubed and chunky crusty bread.


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IT Guy - try out my tomato recipe using your lovely fresh toms.

Tomato Sauce

I did using my Father in Law's tomatoes. Just blanch them first so that you can remove the skin.

Peppers - use my Jambalya recipe. Jambalya

Lovely jubbly!!

Also for spuds - if they are good for roasting - boulangere potatoes are great.

Thinly Slice potatoes and onions, layer and add chicken stock then season, layer and add chciken stockthe season until you get about 4cm high. Brush with butter on top. Roast at 220 degrees pressing down periodically until soft yet firm. Cut out and serve.
This works well with ripe tomatoes:

In a gratin dish, layer (horizontally-ish) slices of tomato, courgette and mozzarella. Pour on a little olive oil, and add grated cheese to just cover the vegetable slices - cheddar is good, and then add some parmesan on top of the whole thing.

Cook in a hot oven for about 45min, or until the cheese has browned.

I have used this as a main course for those strange people who only eat vegetables; it also makes a good side dish with red meat.
Tomato dish. Had in Italy as a starter.

toms sliced in half
Basil leaves washed, nice hand full
mozzarella cheese generous slices
balsamic vinegar for drizzle

place the lot on a large platter, drizzle and serve.

Some crusty bread served as well

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