SPS - VEng (Long) to (Full) conversions on hold. Career over?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by massarge, Jan 12, 2011.

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  1. DSPS(A)s Dec 10 Newsletter states that the subject conversions and SEBs have been put on hold until SDSR settles down. Only exceptional cases will be considered by DM(A).

    No one (CoC) has yet had the balls to notify those of us affected (i.e. anyone due SEB from now till 2015) to consider the impact (ie. start planning your resettlement!). The LE CAB route to a further career is narrowing massively, and conversions in such commissions are reducing also.

    How many of you, like me, are now looking forward to leaving in the next 4 years anywhere between the 22-24 year points, and do you think this means you won't be eligible for redundancy as DM(A) is using this as a means of getting rid of more people without paying redundancy?!
  2. The underlying message on all the briefings about redundancy to date, is that where possible, numbers would be made up of natural wastage and putting VEng conversions on hold is one way of achieving it.

    Besides, for those that remember Options For Change, the majority of redundees were drawn from the middle third of service, too young for immediate pension, they did leave with a reasonable SCRP.

    If I was a betting man, anybody who reaches their IPP on or before 31 Mar 15 will not be eligible. That is just my tuppence and not an inside view.

    I believe the size, scale and terms will be released soon. So until then - carry on normal jogging.
  3. I transferred out of SPS as I could see the writing on the wall when they offered veng, it facked my career up no end. I actually was looking at staffy before - I was mid carrer point when they offered it, so majority of sncos like me were shafted who were in for the long haul albiet 22 years, and wanked up the carrer model for many.... Its a total disaster.
  4. Furthermore the SPS is good at managing admin but crap at managing its troops, shame really... The Hierachy are either bamboozelling with CO's at unit level telling them how administratively G1 healthy thier guys are or working thier det to death so they can get the next promotion up... My old RAO was telling me not to transfer, because it was so great in the SPS... I replied whats good about working late, and not having quality of life and being shat on from all angles... and watching some crowbag giving career laughs when they dont what thier ******* doing.....

    Bitterandtwisted.... damn right I am...
  5. You're not happy then?
  6. You try and work for an RAO whose sole purpose is to get promotion even if it means shafting his Det to do it.
  7. what about our promotions.

    the minimum periods between ranks was extended to take into account of this. if LCM is binned will they reduce our rank times or are we just stuck with it
  8. The way the AGC works it will probably remain the same.
  9. I have mate
  10. They seem to be infecting all Dets in the AGC(SPS) and the sad thing is it will carry on as long as they keep the CO's happy. I knew of one who used to authorise any claims from officers even though they were illegal.
  11. If and only if you are 100% correct and have hard evidence, grow a set and report the individual to the Authorities (I am sure there is a Fed who ocassionally reads these forums who will advise accordingly).

    You need to act fast or the individual you refer to will only promote ...........
  12. They already have been. But whats the use in reporting someone when nothings done about it. Seen that happen to.