Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by big_bad_bill, Sep 27, 2005.

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  1. Apparently from 6 Apr next year we will be known as SPS instead of the AGC and wear a TRF, a red and blue number with 'SPS' written across it. So now we can be abused even when in the field. Doesn't you heart swell with pride.

    1, 2, 3.........
  2. It's been SPS for all clerks since the formation of the AGC has it not?

    The TRF is out, although I've not yet seen anyone wearing it.
  3. Problem is that ETS, Legal Eagles and RMP get called by their Branch. Clerks are nearly alwys referred to as AGC. Either the Branch pushes the term SPS, in which case what does it matter whether we are AGC or not, OR, the other branches start to become AGC as well. If we get a TRF (which I have heard about) then what is the reason for putting SPS on it? Guess it would be acceptable if all AGC pers had a blue/red TRF then SPS, ETS, PRO etc stamped on it. I am sure mnay have their own views!!
  4. Why not just call ourselves the RAPC and get our Royal warrant back.
    1. Defence Publicity (Army) has recently issued a poster of the Authorized and Registered
    Tactical Recognition Flashes of the British Army. Unfortunately, the AGC colours were transposed
    on the original poster and a revised version of the poster is being prepared and will be issued in due
    2. It is current policy that AGC personnel do not wear TRFs. This policy is being kept under
    3. Please give this policy the widest possible publicity through your chain of command. Thank
  6. Fckuing hell, you really meant that didn't you! Chain of command everyone!
  7. It is official, seen the letter from the director. We will also get rank slides with SPS instead of AGC. It's all to give the SPS more of a branch identity, instead of AGC = Clerks.

    Is Biscuits AB alright? I don't believe someones having a serious tread on this forum without him or Dale jumping in.
  8. And here it is:

  9. The have on the chart at least:

  10. Mike, nice one. My eyesight ain't what it was. I am assuming that SPS & ETS are the blue/grey letters ( not sure why they are not all the same colour) and the MPs have the whole red background? So it's the AGC with one TRF and the MPs with another. Why do we bother to have them in the Corps?
  11. Can we not send Sangreal's version to DSPS(A). I think it would look rather fetching with CS 95.
  12. Sorry, Heres a bigger version for you.

    I cannot see the point of Military Police having a MPS TRF if they wear an MP Badge?

  13. Well they RMP do not have an MPS TRF because it is not for RMP it is for MPS who are a different organisation, although they do answer to the PM(A). As it clearly shows on the chart RMP have a specialist TRF.
  14. personnel being sps myself its just another way for a rodney to shaft you in the field by giving you more shat tasks. where do these balloonknots get these ideas from whitehall, puzzle palace!!! Why dont they let us get on with our job instead of wasting our time taking our kit to the tailors, when we could be looking after our soldiers pay and docs. If its to give you identity then we are all in the wrong job, we have no identity thats why we are in the army. I am not a number i am free man, viv'e la revloution!!!!!

    Too many pumpers in the military creating rules an not thinking about their personnel. they need to get a grip and wake up to real world.
  15. The things some people will think of to get a GEMS award!!!!!