SPS to SPS Working

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Jimima_Shark, Jun 4, 2008.

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  1. Anyone know what the maximum distance 2 SPS can be engineered together using single/HF quad?

    I've only ever seen it done once but the two SAS were side by side, but I would imagine it can be more than that.

    Probably one for you The_Guru.

  2. Its been a while, but ill have a guess at 250m
  3. That's what I was thinking. However could it be extended over an SHF shot (Low gain - 5km/High gain - 25km)?
  4. Not sure on that at all. But taking into consideration how much of a pain in the arse it is to get working even with the wagons parked up next to each other I'd probably say no.
  5. Ha, I know exactly what you mean. :D

    Thanks anyway.

  6. Christ, you used the word "SAS". I can just see all those walts out there googling for SF and getting this thread instead. Standby for tinfoil helmet-wearing, airsoft-toting freaks.
  7. :D They'll be on flea bay next looking for a second hand SPS.
  8. "...as used by..."
  10. In this day an age, i'd just be thankful that you had engineered the link!! Behind the skin of the vehicles there will be about 20 odd repairs, done over the eons, that involved paperclips and far too much solder applied with a cricket bat.

    There will be a publication somewhere in the tech library that drones on about protocols and bit error rates and tells you the distance that can be achieved. It might have been sound advice in 1985, but today it lies like dormant ebola. Next time you've got bugger all else to do, break out the quad and a couple of SAS's and give it a bash.
  11. So that'll be in 2029 when I complete 37 years service and retire! :wink:
  12. Sorry, i meant to say "when you've got bugger all else better to do". Easy mistake. To be honest, i'd challenge you to find 2 SAS's, of whatever varient, roadworthy or not fcuked.
  13. Have you looked in the electronic battlebox, Jimima? There is an equipment-specific Ptarmigan section and there is also the Signal Engineering Instructions on there. The SEIs are really old (some dating back pre-1980s) but there's lots of stuff on there to do with attenuation, distances etc etc. Scantastic quad-porn! If you have access to DII/RLI, PM me and I'll send you the direct link if you don't have it.
  14. I'll have a look in the morning, thanks.

    Boney, you're not wrong about working SAS not even Ashchurch have any, let alone working ones. Roll on FALCON in 2019.

  15. Jimima, your a tw@t. Its almost 2300 here and you've got my geek cogs turning.

    Theres got to be a million ways of taking the feed from a SAS, encapsulating it into another system, and delivering it to another SAS. Probably been tried, but never seen it done.