SPS (TA) Class 1 Course

I was wondering if anyone knew when they were re-starting the course down at worthy down. I need to do my TA Class 1 for doc's and pay and i am just waiting around at the momment. Is there anyway of doing it in house with your unit ??
The only authority that has been given so far is to grant Class 3 rates of pay to suitable individuals on authority of Bde SPS branches on the proviso that these individuals attend a Class 3 Course within 12 months of them re starting (whenever that may be!) Class 2 is an in house assessment as per usual but nothing has been pushed out regarding Class 1. If you require CL 1 for promotion and you are fully qualified and recommended in all other aspects you should ask your RAO to push the question up the SPS chain - why should you be penalised!! A bit of forethought wouldn't have gone amiss although I suppose JPA has come straight out of the blue!!!!!


I must have been lucky as I did CL 1 mil clk 18/06-01/07, the course was being rewritten as we did as the allowances were changing all the time. Good course - if you get on it and Michelle is still teaching send her our best wishes from the clerks at 31 sigs


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