Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bitterandtwisted, Jul 22, 2008.

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  1. He's not the first and he won't be the last.
  2. This is old news, there was/is a thread on this.

  3. I have slighty changed the link now as the is the latest news
  4. it was found in april 06. selected for promotion twice in 2 years with this hanging over his head? he must be one shit-hot clerk lol
  5. Sounds to me like hes a good candidate to be a MP at the next election , just the sort of person we need if he can make that amount of money in such a short time , Chancellor perhaps ??? Got to be better than the shit we have at present
  6. The one we have now also managed to make enough for himself!
  7. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer

    I bet the taxman will be after him now for his share. That's 40% gone straight away plus a fine for late payment!
  8. And the ex Mrs will get the rest. :D
  9. Hardly an idiot. The guy is now a WO2 (good pay, good pension) and made a fair pot of cash by his own initiative. Why should he pay tax on that (the money made by his own industry) and who to?

    EDIT to add as an aside: Has anyone else noticed that one hell of a lot of UK news sources now tend to give values in dollars (USA) first and then the = in £s? Also the PM is now almost always referenced as "the British PM". Weird.
  10. Pity you did'nt change the spelling...or is SPS a cover name for 49 Para? :roll:
  11. If, as claimed in the report, the prosecution could offer no evidence of wrong doing on the part of SSgt (now WO2) McKay, then how did this case ever get to trial? Surely the position with regard to the lack of evidence would have been known beforehand? Or was an innocent SNCO put on trial purely because of the sum of money concerned? If this is the case, then who gave the green light to waste the tax payers money and the Army's time, not to mention causing an unacceptable delay in an innocent man's career and subjecting him to the unwarranted stigma of being a thief.

    I appreciate that case's are won and lost during trial, it happens, but for the prosecution to take a case to trial where they can offer no evidence against the accused whatsoever, smacks of victimisation. Which raises another question, was his alibi ever tested?
  12. I'd wager your geusstimate about the amounts involved are right.

    Its a shame those who bring charges aren't brought to account.

    His clear entrepenurial skills and his ability to scuceed should have been noted, and if all raised with his own cash as well....... bloody good luck to him, and he's also the sort of clerk you'd want on your side.
  13. When on ops and without access to certain items I never objected to paying over the top amounts for luxuries. If I had objected, I would just not pay for them. Simple.
  14. Exactly. If they couldn't prove where the money came from, how did it even reach Court's Martial? Were ALS hoping that it may come out in court?

    To put the bloke through all of that and the nonsense which attaches itself to being the subject of an investigation, particularly when the subject holds the position of responsibility which SSgt McKay held, is appalling behaviour. The amount of stress he must have been forced to endure. At least he employed a competent lawyer.