SPS - Role Combination FSA/Regt Acct

I am testing the water here;

What would be your position on the combining of the FSA and Regt Acct roles? In this age of down-sizing and JPA (sorry for swearing) I feel that these two posts could be combined withing the rank of SSgt, lets face it this rank is losing ground as far as options.

I know that this question has been raised before within the Directorate but seems to have slipped below the water line now.
Not an expert on this but do they not deal with Public and Non-Public Funds and thus cannot be dual hatted?

Was under the impression that Regt Acct was now a Sgts post. If you were to merge the two posts I can hardly see it being upgraded to SSgt when much money could be saved making it a Sgts post and thus giving us less SSgts posts than currently exist.

Remember that SSA was supposed to be upgraded to SSgt and now seems to be a first tour Sgts post!!

My two bobs worth.

Directorate claims we are 31% down on Sgts posts - merge and remove said deficiency?
The ruling on mixing can always be lifted when authority is given by SPS Branch. The Regt Acct job should just be axed. make Non Public funds fund themselves!
Moosaca said:
Directorate claims we are 31% down on Sgts posts - merge and remove said deficiency?
Yes and get rid of even more SSgts posts and give those at Sgt and below even less chance of promotion. Sounds like a good retention tool.

We have just lost the Docs Supvr posts so doing sums to erase gaps on paper isn't an option. We need bums on seats without trying to make the manning look better than what it actually is.

We don't get paid by the Unit we are attached to, we get paid by the taxpayer, so why should Non-Public funds be administered by Crown servants?

I never thought the SPS should have got itself involved in non public funds to begin with, therefore I am totally against the idea.

As Jockstar said, let the funds pay for themselves.

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