SPS Question...LSSA & Adventure Training

Can one of you informed fellows help me with this one, and if possible give me the authoritive reference either way....

Germany based unit...undertaking Adv Trg in Germany/Austria...period = 10 days ...

Been told that only the instructors quailify for LSSA and not the blokes ? . Seems strange, but possibly true . Can someone enlighten me as to wether this is correct and where it is stated.

Thanks in advance for any help.
DIN 02/167 details the eligibility to public funding and SNPF for individual sports within the Services.

A key change which has been highlighted is the review of entitlement to public funds for particular skiing events which are now classified as "individual training" and they now therefore carry an entitlement to LOA and LSSA.

Hope this answers your question.............

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