SPS- Potential Officer question.

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by pvtePile, Sep 17, 2008.

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  1. Hello,

    I am going to attend RMAS soon. I did Accounting and finance at university and know that the SPS would be the natural corps i should look into.

    I will be a part qualified ACCA. I am happy to continue with my qualification in my own time. (if i have any) However, it would seem that i wont have the opportunity to make use my skills until i get promoted to major. Is that true?

    Just to make thing clear, i am not joining the army to gain qualifications but i am debating whether joining the SPS is going to be mutually beneficial or not.

    So far it seems like my background wont bring any advantages to the job.

    Similarly what is the career path of a qualified (CIMA) SPS major?
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Mrs ITC is a serving CIMA type that she completed in house. Your info so far is correct. The positions available for CIMA types are few and far between and are restricted to those doing their staff jobs at SO2 level and above.

    Posts normally start at either a Div or at LAND where you do the normal budget stuff for those organisations. Later (or Comd) posts will generally end up at CIMA Central at the Old Staff College where you may end up on a team overlooking a major programme such as the carriers, etc. Remember that you are still eligible for pure SPS posts such as SO2 SPS that, within the SPS, will be seen as their higher profile posts. You will probably need to dip in and out of SPS and CIMA posts over your career.

    The good thing is if you can persuade the Mil to finish your training off, you will get a dedicated year at Worthy Down to qualify.

    Your other option is to go join someone else, have fun for a few years and transfer as a Capt to start the campaign for your training.

    In the end, it depends how long you will serve. Takes a few years to get to Major. Prepared to wait?

    PS - be prepared for internal SPS snobbery. CIMA types are the outsiders and form their own little community. One will notice no mention of CIMA in the SPS page provided by Daxx. No surprise here :wink:
  3. Thank you DAXx , I should have mentioned i know what the SPS role is.

    ITC. thanks for the frank reply. It was the kind of reply I was looking for.

    At this moment in time I dont feel like joining the SPS because I'm a bit sick of admin and accounting work.
    Similarly, the atmosphere in Winchester was a bit drab to say the least.
    I did detect snootiness and observed an officer bitching about one of the PO. Whilst another openly admitting she was in a relationship with a married man.. he has promissed her hell get divorced. Not the kind of place I'd like to work me thinks.

    Or, did I just have a bad run of the place?

    The RLC seems to be more hands on and I might go for that.

    you suggestion of transfering from Capt sounds like a good idea. It will also give me time to see if i still want to do accounting or completly change my career.

    I guess I don't have to decide till second term in Sandhurst, which will give me more time to visit other stations.
  4. As a current serving Warrant Officer within the AGC (SPS) I would agree with the comments previously made. DONT DO IT. even with your CIMAS under your belt within a normal regiment you will be treated with disdain, be given menial tasks, and basically not get any satisfaction out of the job. your contact with the troops will be limited and you will be poached on many occasion to produce work for the regiment that you are attached to which will have no bearing on your true roles and responisbilitys.

    I have seen too many young officers become disillusioned with what the AGC(SPS) promotes. If you wish to see the "Real Army" utilise your skills in another area. The RLC is good way to go..... When you ahve felt that you wish to return to the dark side (AGC) then do it in your own time when you feel you ahve the seniority and experience to deal with the Snobbery and politics which haunt my Corps.

    Do not get me wrong, I am proud to be a memeber fo the AGC (SPS) but I also live in the real world and believe that everyone should be judged on there merits and ability rather be spoken down to just for the sake of it. Good Luck in your endeavours!!!!
  5. Before I get slated for my terrible spelling (if I do such is life!) in my last post. I was that anxious to express my opinion and stop this person from making a very bad decision, I did not check my work!! My apologies!!
  6. Bring back in unit admin.

    "welcome to the Battalion private; there is the office you will be working from for the next twenty two years"
  7. It worked very well for some but nearly broke the back of RMP
  8. nobody likes the RMP anyway :)
  9. Clerks in RMP, like many others who avoid the job there, don't like RMP much either.
  10. Snobbery in the SPS? F*ck me, whatever next?
  11. PvtePile - Do you really think that the RLC or any other Corps will be different? Seek the advice of those 'more in the know'. Try and get to speak to other SPS officers during your time at RMAS.

    ITC - The final year of CIMA is no longer taken at WD. This, in my experience, is as accurate as your other comments regarding CIMA trained officers (open to all arms) who work hard for their qualifications (I wish that I had the dedication).

    Soldier S(h)am - Good positive SPS stuff. No wonder the Branch is suffering so many gaps.

    Off soap box!
  12. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I stand corrected. CIMA training moved to Shriv last year. As to all arms - how many? Less than on two hands, I think. As to SPS snobbery, you have two posters who live in the real world, one who hears the chat and another who suffers it. Of course we could be completely misinformed.... :roll:

    If there was good positive SPS stuff I'm sure you would provide it...but you didn't, did you? Simply slagged those off that made comment. Sounds like the norm.

    As you are obviously of the cap badge, perhaps you would like to tell us why you have so many gaps?
  13. To: £sd

    From Soldier Sam, Not S(h)am

    In comment to your remark about the good positive SPS stuff. I am commenting on my personal experience and observations and not as a figure head of the AGC (SPS). I take my role within the Corps seriously and dedicate time and energy into providing a good level of HR Admin support from both myself and my subordinates. I promote the Corps as and when it is needed at the correct level without overturning applecarts or it being detrimental to the troops I manage and lead.

    And I strongly believe that with more education at unit level and a better integration within those Unit, it will benefit all.

    I have observed Mis-management of Junior Officers at first hand to the point of sitting down with them and letting them use an out of Officer's Mess ear. In one particular case this assisted in keeping a young Det Comd in the Army although unfortunatley not in our Corps. So I take great insult as to your comment about promoting the AGC (SPS) or not in your opinion.

    Unfortunatley unlike others, I will not slate or sham any person who has the ability to express an opinion in this forum. Amusingly enough I agree with part of what you said and allow this individual to speak to other SPS officers who are more in the know.

    I wear my AGC Cap badge with pride and am happy to be known as a HR Admin person or Clerk! maybe if the old and bold still using pounds, shilling and Pence who stick with there previous backgrounds (Pay Corps perhaps?) should do the same.

    We will not move forward with the Corps until we find the right balance between the truth that we promote and the stark reality.

    Off soap box![/quote]
  14. Lads, look, SPS haven't got many friends so why don't you shake hands, say sorry and be nice to each other. No-one other than you two really care anyway.