SPS customer satisfaction survey

We have been told that we have to do a customer satisfaction survey that we have to put out to the unit to measure the level of satisfaction with the level of service form the regt admin office.

Any ideas for some good questions?



Should you be replaced by better qualified, more interested in their jobs, able to read properly, polite, non bull shitting, helpful, non ass kissing civilians, could be your starter for 10.
Biscuits_AB said:
Should you be replaced by better qualified, more interested in their jobs, able to read properly, polite, non bull shitting, helpful, non ass kissing civilians, could be your starter for 10.
You've obviously never worked with the civilians that the MOD employs at present!!!! ;)


Oh yes I have.........and I have to deal with you people on a weekly basis.

The sad thing is that they pay you more than the civvies.
I'm not SPS, but I have seen the standard of civies in APDOs and RAOs and believe me they are very limited in their abilities: strictly 9 to 5, they can not deploy on ops and anything even vaguely outside their job spec and they whinge to their TUs. People like you are wheeling out the same arguments as for civilianising most of the slop jockeys, and now look at the state of the meals you get in messes and the lack of flexibility for anything to be provided outside the feckin contract! Do you really think the grass is greener? Be careful what you wish for!
My lack of humour must explain why I missed your joke in what I thought was a serious thread! I suggest you save your outstanding wit and dazzling humour for the NAAFI or, here's an idea, why not try and help out the clerk who has asked a serious question. I am beginning to realise why you might have received such bad service from these AGC chaps in the past! What a nobber.


You are in the SPS aren't you? You're just ashamed of it.

Get a man's job you tool.


Have you been sitting up all day waiting for me to post?

Facking Maureen. Come on, let's have your next little gem..........
Ah... the bravery of anonymity. I see from most of your posts that you just send pointless one liners. Do you just come on to ARRSE to insult people because you're a little insecure in real life? Is reasoned debate a little beyond your angry little mind. Come on, keep them coming feckwit.


Kit Reviewer
<Opens door and lobs into conversation>

SPS and AGC can't fight, won't fight :lol:
Well it was a serious question, but has been ambushed by Biscuits_AB. Sorry that you seem to have had such poor service from your det which has left you so emotionally damaged that you have to rant. Well help me put just a little bit of it right. Any more ideas for questions for me. Never know, the right question might make life better for 480 lads somewhere?


You asked a question, you got an answer. I make no apology for the fact that my response wasn't to your liking, but when you ask people for an opinion, you really have to be geared up to the fact that the opinion given may not be the one you hoped for.

Now, in my experience and I have plenty of experience in dealing with your Corps, I much prefer dealing with civilians. That might go against 'your grain', but as 'the customer', I find that I receive a more professional response from your civilian counterparts, irrespective of your thoughts on them. Just because you are employed as clerks, doesn't automatically mean that you are any good at it. Your Seniors are in best part a joke. Your Officers lack any apparant interest in what they are paid to do. You lose more Officers than just about any other Corps and you attract more wasters from other badges than any other Corps.

I do not deny that you have your good eggs. I have met many of them, but they are still outweighed by your clueless, uninspiring element.

My most recent experiences have included having to deal with one of your Commonwealth compadres, who barely spoke English. Just as well I wasn't in a hurry that day.

No doubt some will jump to your defence as if it were a personal attack upon themselves, but frankly I don't give a f*ck. I have always had serious doubts about men who do womens jobs.
Jesus, I actually find myself agreeing with Buscuits for the first time, still think your ego is a wee bit big though matey !!! What job do YOU do exactly, coz as an AGC bloke who has had the pleasue of serving with the Inf/Cav/RLC/Engrs/RA and Signals I can honestly say that the majority of they guys actually only give a monkeys about :

1. Themselves
2. Their pay
3. Their sports afternoons
4. Whinging about the AGC when we actually TRY to train our very junior inexperienced staff to provide a better service, and have to close the office to do it.

Mind you though I have met some good eggs amongst the OTHER regiments and Corps.


What I do for a job is irrelevant to this thread. I have no idea what the size my supposed ego has to do with this either.

The original poster posed a question. I answered it.

In response to your point, soldiers will be interested in matters relating to themselves, that is why they come to the support services for help. They generally do not understand the myriad of documents which the MoD proliferates. It is the job of the SPS to help the soldier and to steer them through the minefield of paperwork which they encounter during their careers. Instead, they receive rude, curt and condescending responses by people paid to help them.

All I see amongst the wasters I have described are one or two lads in green hats who genuinley wish to help the soldier. Sadly, in my experience, these are the minority. However, their efforts are respected by all. When you have a good clerk in your unit, it makes everyones life easier and helps maintain the efficiency of the unit.

To reiterate, my dealings with the civilians employed in Admin Offices has been mostly pleasant. They do not as a rule distinguish between the ranks and treat everyone equally. They also in the main, speak English and have a reasonable education behind them, unlike some of the SPS I have encountered.

Like I said, just because the Army employs you as a clerk in the SPS, doesn't necessarily make you any good at it.

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