Sprout abuse

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Lonza, Dec 17, 2009.

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  1. "A West Sussex farm's defending a decision to dress a sprout up as baby Jesus.

    Tulleys' Farm in Crawley used fruit and veg to make a charity nativity scene this year, but some visitors are calling it "offensive to Christians".

    The owner Stuart Beare's insisting that wasn't their intention, and says it's even raising money for a local church."

    I bet those that were offended were probably ginger too, its a bit of fun for charity FFS! :roll:
  2. Have you pictures of the alleged abuse of sprouts?
  3. Call the RSPCS
  4. Whoa!! These are innocent sprouts...they didn't know what was going on...
  5. Sprouts ruined my life as a kid,
  6. I can see their point............ the Devils food dressed as the baby Jesus!
    It is just wrong on so many levels............ where do I put my claim in??
  7. Does anybody actually like sprouts? Evil little plate fillers
  8. Me...with chopped bacon bits and butter...fantabulous!!
  9. Cooked or raw, either way they are scrummy little beggars :hungry:
  10. Cooked with bacon and chestnuts. :D
  11. also very good with anchovies... :nod:
  12. This the fella?

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  13. I found this on the internet???

  14. :eek: Christ your full of shit and wind here :wink: