Sprogs and redarrses..the number game..

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by copey, Dec 18, 2007.

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  1. Just been chatting with one of the lads at work and he recons there are people joining up now who's numbers start with 3-0...??
    is this a wah?
  2. No Wah! 300XXXXX
  3. I can confirm, No Wah. I saw a few assignment (posting) orders today with 30......... on them.
  4. Welcome to the JPA Age
  5. Isn't that something to do with JPA though?
  6. 10 numbers now instead of 8?
  7. Still 8 numbers.

    Our recruits are getting 300 numbers as they go through the system now.

  8. Slug
    Was that on your assignment order Sprog oh sorry just remembered you have got one of the old, very old WRAC numbers lezzer :twisted:

    Are you going to get your protecter Fatbadge to beat me up :D
  9. I heard that it's 30xxxxxx because it's a tri-service number. However, recently when sifting through the mail I noticed a 2nd LT with the number 2521xxxx. Then I was told that officers numbers are now the same as anyone elses. However, I've been led to believe people who join up now are 30xxxxxx???
  10. Those who have commissioned recently are also keeping their old numbers instead of moving to 5XXXXX.
  11. a lot of the ex r irish lads who joined our unit have been given new 300 numbers instead of keeping their old ones. its like being back in week 1 day 1 trying to remember your number
  12. I lost my number when joining the TA, haven't got a clue what it is though. It does start with a 3 though.
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I'm joining the T.A. soon, but my old number was 248***** - will I still have it, or will I have to memorise a bl00dy new one?
  14. I thought that you kept your original service number, but check with the recruiting office where you are going. Will you be going in with any rank as this may affect it?
  15. Nearly all re-joiners will be given new army numbers.

    JPA can very rarely cope with someone getting out to return to service.

    Couple of instances of a "-2" after the army number when processing allows the system to recognise an old number.

    AFAIK recently commisioned officers will hold onto their 25xxxxxx number until they are gazetted and receive either the 5xxxxx or the new tri service 300xxxxx.

    JPA, what a great system.