Sprog in the bar


War Hero
Hi everyone.

Been lurking on the site for awhile and like the banter as well as the mix between serving and ex members of the Corps, so I´ve finally got round to "joining up". Was in myself from ´85 until ´95 and spent the vast majority of those 10 years in good old BAOR trying vast quantities of various german beers :D

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone, whether serving or ex, a happy, prosperous and safe New Year :thumright:

Handbags, breaking things since 1920 so Techs have got something to do :wink:

Oh good start ! Did I actually forget to ring the virtual "bell". Sorry, my round now :oops:


Welcome to the forum, I'm the perpetual lurker as i've only had 3 years gaining experience so don't feel qualified to comment on most of the subjects that come up.

However Happy new year to you from the deepest darkest depths of the south atlantic


... Same Again ....

Hope 2007 holds something good for all of you, not something like a terminal illness (boy I would not want that again!)

By the way Life of Brian is on tonight...

Council houses, the changing room of the stars on daytime chat-shows..

Ignor me, just got piss wet through walking my three Newfoundlands...

Happy New Year..


.. did not say "urine wet through" - I forgot - the board just took the p*ss...


War Hero
Thanks for the welcome guys :D

I know the feeling with not being able to contribute. The closest I ever came anywhere near IS or IT was drop testing STD´s !! Makes interesting reading though, seeing how the Corps has grown with the IT technology.

Nick: 3 Newfoundlands ?? I had enough problems when I used to take my mates St. Bernard for a walk. Having 3 dogs that size, is getting close to being a glutton for punishment :wink: