Builds Sprockets Di cast models restoration side show.

I'm lucky this still has it's tipper tailgate.
unrestored gv d.png

the paint is worn away in places.
unrestored gv e.png

but the glass looks intact, no chips or cracks, should clean up nicely.
unrestored gv c.png
Those three look ripe for restoration Ian. Thinking of having a go?
Maybe :rolleyes:
The middle one was painted when I was about 11.with Humbrol model pains (gloss burgundy I had left over from making an.airfix 1/32 vintage car and a matt earth roof to look like a vinyl roof.

I'll dig the rest out tomorrow


Great thread. Not sure wether I'm looking at Restoration Workshop or Gas Monkey Garage.
Sprocket's Spruce-Up...?


Or “Sprocket upsets the collectors”…..

But it’s not original!!!

I can see it on Antiques Roadshow. 'Oh, this is an excellent example of this kind and should fetch a few thousand at a good auction. You haven't restored it have you? Oh dear, I'm not sure this is the original paint, I'm afraid its worth about two quid in its current state."
I've gone and purchased a Corgi Superior Ambulance, whether or not I make it as a Ghostbusters car or restore it back to how it looked will depend on the aftermarket replacement parts available.
superior ambulance c.jpg
I have been painting up old 1920s-era car die-cast models to use with 'Jazz Age' role-playing and skirmish games. Mainly Models of Yesteryear and their Lledo cousins.

I use a different technique and the finish is more toned down to suit the 28mm figures that the cars are placed with, but the basic idea is similar.
After a few seconds the roaring and spitting calm right down to a vicious bubbling, the fumes quickly disperse and you can see the boiling water tinged with paint colour.
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Soon it's time to tip the lot down the drain, but the jar is too hot to touch, so a cloth teatowel, oven mitt is needed here, afterall you did just pour freshly boiling water in there from the kettle a minute ago. pour the parts out and turn the cold tap on them, watch any tiny parts don't go down the drain. Let it all cool down before you dive in.
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Nitromors is good for stripping diecasts too, just rinse afterwards.


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but doesn't Nitromors have an adverse effect on any plastic?
You still need to take the thing apart and separate the parts.
But with nitromors you can brush it on, or dunk bits in it, and it's reuseable a few times.
Don't use on plastic or rubber, though, and wear gloves and goggles when splattering it about.
It's a bit slower than caustic soda at stripping paint, but does lift the paint better.