Springer. How is it working out on OPs?

Discussion in 'Tanks, planes & ships' started by EX_STAB, Dec 20, 2011.

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  1. Hahahahahaha. Noddy goes to war.
  2. The last i heard they were being phased out and nobody was using them. I stand to be corrected no doubt though.
  3. Why would you use a Springer on an OP?
  4. They're not being used on the ground. Some are used in the larger FOBs and MOBs to ferry kit & equipment about.
  5. Ditto. Used in the PB to move kit in from the HLS.
  6. Springer has been sacked!

    In 2009/10 tour of Afghanistan, theatre had 28 vehicles of which, 24 were BLRd.

    When the contract was initially drawn up, the vehicle being shown was a 2ltr version, what was pumped out to the service were 1.4ltr that the clutches burnt out with the terrain, armour and physical demand.

    It was brought in to replace the ATMP supercat...no contest! ATMP was a great vehicle that would fit into most aviation platforms. Can you believe that 'Land' bought a vehicle that doesn't fit into Chinook....crazy, I know.

    My view, Springer is a load of shite and won't be missed!
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  7. At the beginning of herrick 14 the one in the pb we were in, got sent back to bastian and never saw one again
  8. Warning, cut and pasted quote:

    Managing Director of EPS, Sue Maltby, said: "EPS UK Ltd prides itself on delivering quality products to the defence and security industry and is delighted to be involved with the MoD with our Springer vehicle, which will provide valuable service to our soldiers on operations."
    The MOD is expecting to take delivery of the new Springer vehicle this summer.


    Managing Director of EPS, Sue Maltby, said: "EPS UK Ltd prides itself making as much money from the defence and security industry as it can and is delighted to palm off the MoD with our underpowered Springer vehicle, which will provide valuable service to the RAF Regt ferrying them to and from the cookhouse"

    The MOD is expecting to take it *********** over the new Springer vehicle this summer.
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  9. How the **** was this allowed to happen. Was there not a similar issue with the Pinz Ambis?
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  10. TBH I don't know much about Springer but from comparing pics between it and a supacat I can guess which one is the more robust.
  11. The best way of testing this stuff is to form a group of bloke... the ones that will actually use t.

    Capt LE, WO1, WO2, CSgt, 2 Sgts, 3 Cpls, 4 LCpls and 8 Ptes. They take it out rag it, see if it actually passes several set piece tests (ie can it be driven in to a chin, can it move 500kg of kit over rough ground apporx 5 kms in distance.

    If they can think of some new ones in the 30 odd days they have to test it, so be it. If they want longer, so be it.

    Finally, secret ballot. 21 votes. Each man gets a 'Yes' green card and a 'No' red card. Two sacs in the corner of the room (one white, one black). One card in each, the black bag is discarded, the white one counted. If the kit is up to the mark, then it is in.

    The 21 blokes names are forever assigned to the kit, perhaps with the signature of a 'i will not work for these people' contract.

    We'll chuck in a 'top team' of a Lt Col, Maj and two Capts to write up a nice report. Either yep it passed, or a 'on talking to the test team the folloing could do with looking at'.
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  12. So back in 2009 when I wrote: http://www.arrse.co.uk/weapons-equipment-rations/107958-new-vehicles-5.html
    I was bang on. can I have a job in procurement now please? :)
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  13. Only saw them in bastion on H14, never at any of the PBs, and even in bastion they weren't being driven about despite a shortage of 4 wheeled transport (apparently)