Spring bike day

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Skunkmiester, Mar 29, 2013.

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  1. Judging by the distant sounds of bikes being revved to red line on the roads, it must be the first biking day of spring.

    All of the romper suits are being dusted off, helmet visors polished and bikes coaxed into life after a long cold winter.

    Stay safe guys and girls, take it easy on your first blast, it's been a while and your motogp skills may be a bit rusty having not honed them since October.

    Wish my Blade was past it's MOT so I could get out and play.
  2. Cue six months of wobblers riding far in excess of their abilities and launching themselves into the scenery. Great. Can't wait for October.

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  3. Don't forget the proper riders, who have ridden all year long.
    Those that have had the pleasure of cold fingers and a permanently running nose and have experienced the joy of passing a convoy of wagons ,whose sole intention in life seems to be to reduce visibility to zero with as much spray as possible. :)

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  4. I used to wear a tanky suit while on my bike , up until the day it was raining and I stopped at a little chef for a brew. got inside and took off said suit for extra comfort, as I drank the brew. Only to find the zip area wasn't quite water proof and the rain had gotten past it and ran down inside ending up around my arse and dick. It looked to all and sundry as if I had pissed meself.
  5. Still snowing over here ffs.
  6. Was snowing here this morning although one of the sales chaps went home at lunchtime to get his "bike" since the sun came out.

    Shame he is riding in work trousers and jacket!
  7. Just put my battery on the optimate. Hopefully off out on sunday triumph tiger rideout.
    Might give the bike a wash down too
  8. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Just arrived at ms skid2s house coming up from home. The amount of halfwits out there is astounding. Grunters, half blind old fuckwits enjoying the scenery. Of course its snow, you stupid old **** its been there all week.
    Why on earth some ********* on bicycles would want to block up perfectly good coast roads is beyond me, we paid for bicycle lanes you ungrateful bastards. And those out on bikes I hope they have their organ donor cards filled in. If we rode like that we'd get filled in.

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  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    You know when we labeled this thread Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs?

    We lied about the Bikes bit. Everybody hates you and you dress funny. Do not start me on how your bird dresses. Do you have to torture the bitch to make her look like Jabba the Hut? ******* smelly grease monkey *****.

    So, when you lose it on a bend, which you will. Who do you think will win? Your plastic crash helmet? Or my exploding air bags backed by a ton of Cherman steel?

    Answers on a ******* postcard.
  10. East Yorkshire laybyes are full of pee'd off looking scooter owners who won't be making it to Brid this weekend.
  11. No postcard from me TiD .

    Don't they hang greasy monkeys in Hartlepool?

    Northern monkeys
  12. Out riding today, out riding yesterday, many days before that, and during winter too. Not everyday, but definately not layed up for winter. Looking forward to some decent warm wheather for a change.
  13. I've deduced from your non depression posts and tales of massive girth your exploding airbags are infact your space hopper sized balls which means your German chariot must be a Beatle so do you have the little flower pot on the dash?
  15. 1. Bar muffs & heated grips.
    2. Foggy mask.
    3. Waterproofs & layers.
    4. Fair point.

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