Spree Shooting in West Virginia

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cpunk, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Some looney appears to have gone on a CQB livex at a university campus in West Virginia. A friend of mine has just sent me an email claiming there are 20 dead and 21 VSI!

    Very sad indeed.

    Edited to add link

    Apparently Virginia rather than West Virginia.
  2. But no firearms are allowed on school grounds. That shouldn't happen.

  3. No disrespect CT but understatement of the century.

    A sad state of affairs.
  4. Christ on a crutch... the gun control crowd are going to have a free for all, never mind the fact that this campus is a supposed gun free zone which means none of the lawful firearms owners were in a position to halt this lunatic.
  5. What makes me wonder is how this nut managed to shoot some poor people, and then take 2 hours to cross the campus and shoot more people. If the story is right how long did it take for the local law enforcement to arrive and end the confrontation?
  6. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    Bloody hell.

    On the news now. Thoughts with the families of the dead and best wishes to the injured.
  7. Virginia Tech is a quiet, leafy (tho' busy) campus - wide open to intruders, as every good college campus should be.

    The NRA (US) will no doubt rush to make hay with this - probably quoting (again) the GB and Oz restrictions on gun ownership.

    I hope they'll have the shame to be quiet until it's known exactly what's happened, and why.

    This sounds truly hellish . . .
  8. Is there a second gun man though waiting to go Postal again?

    RIP, thoughts with the families and Prayers for the wounded, get well soon.

    Is Dogface going to come on with some drival about gun ownership is good?

    Although to be fair, Moses himself will probably be doing that at a gun rally near VA soon. (Just like after Columbine)
  9. 'Hell ' once again being visited by 'Man's inhumanity towards Man'. A sad day for all those students and there familys
  10. Nope... both advocates and detractors of gun ownership are starting to spout their rhetoric.
  11. Sadly incidents like this will no doubt continue as long as firearms are as readily available to joe public as they are in most states, the price of the right of the individual to bear arms i suppose, is the price to high? id say so, but no doubt many would disagree.
  12. It's well documented that passage of right to carry and right to self defense laws such as the one's Florida passed were followed by a fifty to sixty percent drop in violent crime such as rape and premeditated murder. The incidents that have occured in that state have overwhelmingly been on campuses and other such "gun free" enclaves.

    That does nothing to quell the horror of this incident however and I'm certain some disturbing revelations are soon to come out in connection with it.
  13. Little chance of that I think. Didn't the NRA have a conference in Columbine very soon after the shootings there?

    The right to bear arms strikes again.