Spread of Chavism

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Britain's teenagers are at risk of becoming a nation of 'Vicky Pollards', according to a new study.

It reveals the most popular 20 words used - including 'yeah', 'no', 'but' and 'like', account for around a third of all words used.

Lancaster University's Professor Tony McEnery's study of blogs, questionnaires and speech found teenagers used half as many words as 25 to 34-year-olds.

Prof McEnery said: "Of note when examining the word 'no' is the frequency with which the word is accompanied by the word 'but'.

"These words occur in the sequence 'but no' or 'no but' almost twice as frequently in teenage speech as it does in young adult or middle aged speech."

The sequence is reminiscent of Vicky Pollard's trademark "Yeah but, no but" catchphrase.

"I think it was extremely well observed as most comedy often is. When things are funny it is because they ring true with people," said Prof McEnery who conducted the research for retailer Tesco.

But he says there is a serious point to the work, which is to highlight what he sees as the neglect of verbal communication skills in schools.

"While the school curriculum shows a strong focus on literacy, speech has been relatively neglected in the curriculum," he said.

How long before we start seeing bright pink kappa tracksuits everywhere we look?
Like this you mean?

What makes you think that, spike?

Youre wrong actually, I hate everyone equally. It's just a case of where they come on the list. ;)

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