spray painting plce webbing?


Deleted 20555

I imagine the type of paint makes a vast difference....perhaps water based acrylic from an airbrush?
Blanco on the cheap! Enamal paint will just cover, cellulose paint melts and attacks the plastic... but.... why? Getting it local dirty does the same job.

Please ask the nice local dirty soldier how you desperatly need a good tutorial.
i have just sprayed mine with a can of coyote brown paint that we got to do our rifles with. looks a bit tonk to be honest but will look better with time. Not that bothered, de-kitting soon.
I would suggest if that you are going to be that close to people that it would really make a difference you are in the shit anyway!
Can you still get DPM paint from the QMs or is it MTP now?

Does anyone have the NSN?

Sent in a harsh font, using finger paints
All DPM paint should have been withdrawn by now, MTP paint should only be issued with the correct applicator complete to CES.


Throw a face veil over the webbing, it'll give a snake-skin type effect... most of the time anyway

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