Spray painting a Mk 7 combat helmet!

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Dodgy-Engr, Aug 1, 2010.

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  1. This trend has reached the unit i serve with and a few of the blokes have spray painted their Mk7 helmets in the name of being Ally!

    The rumour doing the rounds is that doing this will penetrate the coating of the helmet and reduce the level of ballistic protection.

    Any truth in this?

    Just to keep the OPSEC junkies happy i dont think the Taliban will start doing death or glory charges with tins of spray paint!
  2. Not sure! its not my thing! I dread to think what they are using!

  3. Paint technology has moved on since the advert about Motorbike Helmets cracking, due mainly Cellulose and Solvent based paint's. Nylon btw is petrochemical resistant.
  4. Wow, the end result is amazing. So realistic, it looks like dpm.
  5. Dodgy-Engr - the rumours are correct; this completely b*ggers the helmet and also goes against PJHQ Standing Orders that helmets are not to be modified in any way.

    PS Please check PMs
  6. An extreamly experienced fella i worked with on herric 10 talked us into taping our helmates up with green snipper tape then smearing wet mud all over it! set it on a compound wall and it was amazing!

    not ally and looks scruffy but by fec it works
  7. Er...why not just use the issue cover, maybe with a bit of scrim? Although I have heard that Australian helmets are no longer worn with covers because they allow the NVG mounts to move around. That could be yet another example of DMO ******* something/anything/everything up yet again, at which they are expert.
  8. Yup, Why not use the issue cover indeed. Put one on yesterday, no real dramas. Re the NVG mounts, put the cover on and then the mounts for NVG's on top.


    Exhibit A
  9. The reson why it was a bad idea to spray bike helmets was not so much the surface being damaged but more to do with the paint attacking the polystyrene liner that protects ya bonce!

    Me..I would paint my tin lid to look like a rag head...sorted! ;)
  10. The fact is that using most paints are not going to damage the helmet. But if you don't know which paint to use then then you could be picking one that will reacts with the primer and cover paint already in use. Also the standard paint has to meet durability and IR standards.

    It is possible to paint up helmets in IR matched and CBRN chemical resistant paint in very complicated patterns and that is something a lot of people are looking at as more things get attached to the helmet. Somebody with IT brains PM me and I will send over a photo to upload.
  11. Now that would be worth seeing..... a picture painting a thousand words etc....
  12. thats it under my head