Spray or Powder coat wheels?

I have an fzr600r that I am slowly tidying up as and when funds allow. The wheels are rough looking as the paint has lifted off in places. I want to keep the original colours as much as possible which are cough cough cocktail cough and the wheels are purple. Can powder coaters match original paint or will they look different side by side with the bodywork.
Or is my best bet getting a paint shop to tidy them up. Near preston/blackpool if anyone can suggest good companies in the NW.
Get them powder coated mate a few good powder coaters in Preston make sure you get them acid stripped tho I've used Ribble technology on Brierley la and they are good with a fast turn around.

try fastline coatings I've used him in the past and he can also acid strip he does motorcycle end cans and does have custom colours. These fella's were also advertising although I never used them F&M Powder coating Also if your after stainless nuts/bolts try Allthreads behind Preston Nick they sell them loose and are cheap.

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