Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Civvy_Shot, Sep 6, 2007.

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  1. No idea how I did it (unexplained beer injury?) but I picked up a slight sprain to my ankle. Thought it had cleared up or was on the mend but it's back and worse. Tends to swell a bit and stiffen up (ooeerr missus) overnight, hurt like a barsteward in the morning, by midafternoon I've walked most of it off, then it starts hurting again late afternoon and by kip time I've turned into a gimp.

    Now I know I should use RICE, but I can't take time off work, and I've got an hour plus each way in the car (clutchless gearchanges my speciality) so I've been sticking with the traditional Tubigrip and Ibuprofen. Job is deskbound so doesn't help with keeping active, but I try and go for a limp around the building every hour or so.

    Any recommendations? I've used freeze spray first thing just to get moving without squealing like a beatch but I'm not sure if cold or radiant heat would be a better bet. Freezegel or Deep Heat?? Ibuprofen Gel or a few slaps round the head and being told not to be such a Civvy puff?
  2. Looks like an, 'Aunt Sally' thread to me. Keep your head down son..!
  3. I have a reocuuring ankle injury thanks to Magners Irish Cider, the best way to treat is rest and ice it. It should clear up in a few weeks though, just make sure you don't sprain it further.
  4. I have just picked up a similar injury, however I get pain up the side of my calf and putting pressure on any part of the calf feels bruised and excruitiatingly painful, this is after 2 weeks! Also if I run the calf ankle and foot seize up to the point where they won't move. Any ideas?
  5. RICE is only useful in the first 72hrs, beyond that its MICE...M being movement, gentle rotating and flexing of the ankle joint. Once the initial 72hrs is over,heat can be helpful but NOT BEFORE then. Try to elevate it as much as you can during the day to keep the swelling under control (the GENTLE movements will also helpthis bit) and be careful on it, every time you move it you're damaging the new healing tissue.
    Other than that its just a case of time healing all wounds.
  6. I recently sprained my wrist badly (thought I had broken it at the time) the doc told me to keep taking ibuprofen and use my wrist but try not to over do things with it. He also said it could take up to 6 weeks to heal so expect the same.
  7. Ibuprofen, RICE and a distinct lack of whining usually does the trick for me.


  8. Movelat is quite good - might still be prescription. Lasonil (piles ointment) is good for superficial soft tissue injuries (it's a steroid), but yours sounds like something deeper; strained ligaments. My right ankle has been knackered since I walked 55 miles 3 and a half months ago, and it's a bloody nuisance. There doesn't seem to be any way to avoid aggravating it.
  9. I had exactly the same thing and went to a sports therapist last night. It turned out that my twisted ankle was actually an overstretched ligament and the reason my calf hurt a lot and kept staying far too stiff was because it was trying to compensate for the ankle damage. The verdict for me was ibuleve gel on the ankle, ice on it as much as possible and 7-10 days resting it as much as possible. Apparently it's quite a common injury and if you are susceptible to twisted ankles using a wobble board http://www.return2fitness.co.uk/Rehabilitation/Wobble_Boards helps improve your balance and strengthen relevant muscles to prevent future injuries. Am buying one asap...

    Mind you, probably best you see a sports therapist and get it checked out before injuring yourself more and you may have a different type of injury.