Sprained Ankle

I sprained my ankle during a CFT.
Want to know just how long it takes to recover from this, as I think I pulled a ligament,
it happened in November '05 and still gives trouble. Not pain, just inconvenience as certain
movements are restricted - ie. pointing foot down and warm-up leg exercises, then it is
more noticeable.
Are there any exercises which can give a full range of movement again?
Hello mate, although a civvy now, about 10 years ago I tore my ligaments just previous of going to Croatia. I was advised an intensive bout of physio as I was informed that that type of injury tends to either heal stronger or weaker than before the injury. Being out of the UK I had no chance of seeing a physio. My advice - see a physio for treatment asap as mine still gives me gip now and again. Good luck.


I injured my ankle a few years back in Cyprus and it took 6 months to get anywhere near better, they say you might have well have fractured it, as it would heal quicker.

Go speak with a Sports Injury specialist or see your MO for a physio referall.
Definitely agree with the physio comments, one of my ankles is still wrecked from years of taping it up and "running it off" ..... ended up with such badly wrecked ligaments i could (and frequently did) twist it just walking normally up the street.

get this sorted now, or it will be the bane of your life in years to come.

The treatment i was recommended basically went a long way to sorting it, but i'd left it too late getting the treatment in the first place.

Good luck.
Clean your teeth standing on one leg, alternate
Get a wobble board
See a physio
not neccesary in that order


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