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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Holdfast, Nov 11, 2006.

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  1. maybe them cnuts should take a trip over to RIPON or LEEMING for a re-match.

    bar-stewards. :x :pissed: :pissedoff: :censored: :x :pissed: :pissedoff: :censored:

    speedy recovery fella.
  2. The lad is in my troop (talavera troop) in gib dont know him myself but some of the other lads know him and every one is pissed off. The little chav feckers that done this should be sent down to us for a couple of hours to sort them out. they wouldnt be filling any body else in for a while if ever or we could go on a troop night out up there see if the cnuts like that. Get well soon mate hope to see him back soon
  3. I hope Smudger pulls through this and the kuntz who did it get sent down for attempted murder.

    Send a troop up from 38 to the monkey hangers toon and batter the fukin shite out of the ned scumbags.

    Thats how we did it in my time and it always works, the neds soon realise that if you hit one Sapper, you hit them all and that the retribution fukin hurts.
  4. Not wrong there, Mac.
  5. Wouldn't want to be a chav in that town when the Corps of the Royal Engineers come a knockin.

    Get well soon young Sapper, oh and you owe a crate for having your picture in the newspaper. :):)

  6. if the troop "slab-meister" is on the ball it will be in the book already :D 8O :D 8O
  7. Are they still allowed to slab the young boys these days or is it against their rights :)

  8. they still do at my place (very often), i fecking make sure of it :D :D :D :D
  9. Good to see you are still keeping up the tradition. Some one has to these days.

  10. Should be getting ready for parade, but still too angry! Have posted response on main forum. Too angry to post rational message which I'll keep for later.
  11. UPDATE

    The young lad is out of intensive care and off the critical list. According to the nursing staff he is 'doing really well and we are pleased with his progress'
  12. It seems to me that after this attack on the young Sapper. there are a few front teeth that badly need re-arranging. Sadly, at my age, there is little chance of inflicting a little dental damage on anyone.

    A little foray into this band of shagnasties with a few baseball bats, I am sure woukld achieve wonders.

    Thing about it this. I can guarantee they will not come back for more....Stone wall certainty!
  13. MGB Panel Pin or Carrying Handle would be far better Swordman... there's no getting up from one of those.

    I hope the lad makes a full recovery and gets to see the scum go down... even better to watch the bits get carried into the hospital as he walks out.
  14. i think that inserting a headless panel pin, to the hilt, may cause more damage to the "NED" cnuts :x :x :x :x