Spouses/Partners Treated Like Second Class

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by H_FLASHMAN, Aug 31, 2006.

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  1. This may well be an old gripe and apologies to MODs if this should be in "The Other Half Forum".

    Basically I have returned to the loving arms of Mrs Flashman after an Op Tour and then we all moved to Germany on posting. On arriving the usual admin faff has to be done. It has become very clear that when Mrs F does it some (not all, but many) look down their noses at her (subtext is she's 'just a wife') and are very dismissive. If I go in and do it, it is yes sir no sir three bags full sir.

    It bloody grips me, it doesn't matter who is asking the same level of courtesy should be offered. Were I getting the same amount of attitude a quite but firm word would be had, Mrs F does not feel that she is in a position to at the moment.

    I hasten to add that Mrs Flashman does not and never would use my rank eg "I'm the wife of", that is not her style, she stands very much on her own two feet.

    Interestingly the biggest culprits appear to be the civvy admin wallahs (eg other wives!).

    Anyone else encountered this and any suggestions how it can be rectified.
  2. Why not stand in the background just out of site and view it happening then once she's left have "quiet word" in the jumped up tw*t's ear :twisted:
  3. Would love to unfortunately this has occurred whilst I have been at work, good plan though :twisted:
  4. bubble 'em! ask for the Civvy admins wallahs name and their Line managers details. should adjust their attitude,
    if not you could always ask them if they got their poxy bonus this year, either way you could respond "really, your customer service skills suck"
  5. Sometimes the RAO is the best one to speak to if the civvies are under him so to speak. :oops:
    I know what you mean i've had that a few times.

  6. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I've had very similar here in the UK - DHE usually being the biggest culprits - but then, the ones where I am try and ignore everything and everybody.

    Best way I heard of dealing with it was the exploits of one of my SNCOs:

    Walked into DHE to report a small problem (in days before Making Houses Sh*te) and was completely ignored. He felt a "Hello, can you give us a minute?" would have been polite but decided to make nothing of it as he noticed that all the staff were busy.

    He quickly realised that all the staff were busy playing Solitaire or chatting about plans for the weekend. On noticing the 'No Smoking' sign, he pulled out his fags and sparked one up.

    This brought an instantaneous reaction from the staff "What the fcuk do you think you're doing?", "You can't smoke in here, you squaddie sh*te!" etc etc

    They were quite surprised when the mild-mannered SNCO in front of them turned into the DI Hong-King Phooey he truly was. In a calm, orderly and room-filling way, he informed them:

    "I will put this cigarette out when you people start to earn your pay by doing your jobs properly and assisting me with my housing problem. Any raised voices and bad language will be met with Mr Nasty."

    Instant help offered (and problem solved pdq), cigarette extinguished and a legend born.
  7. Few years ago my friend was in hospital, married to a Cpl in the Pioneers. As you stated they were looking down there noses at her and started calling her "Wife of"........ Until she went mental at this L/Cpl nurse and made her stand to attention.. Tracy was a Sgt in the signals and obviously didn't like the attitude that she got because she was a "Wife of".

    Put a complaint in, wives/husbands get the crappy end of the stick especially when the othre halves are on op's.
  8. negative
  9. Flash, on a serious note:

    Your wife gets spoken to in the manner you probably speak to most of your subordinates, ie, SNCO's/NCO. Some of which may have wives that work as civillians and deal with your admin issues. They see the your name, remember its the one their other half 'hates' and then takes it upon themselves to repay the compliment, albeit to Mrs Flash.

    Chin up.
  10. This is a similar story but the other way round(?) In Detmold years back a mate of mine (even I have them) was on a 6 monther in NI. His German wife went to the Pay Office to get some money via an AR Type payment and was told she wasn't eligible as the forms had to have his signature by a little upstart lancejack. She then proceeded to let rip at this lancejack with a mixture of German and British swearwords that would have embarrassed squaddies in a Naafi Bar and belittled him to a round of applause from a queue of squaddies who were most impressed.
  11. Did she get what she needed?????
  12. In the end I think she did
  13. thats good
  14. Try getting posted to Cyprus mate/sir (the inflection in your post indicated that you are an officer type) your wife/escort will be treated as a second class citizen in this location. The Cypriot business world will simply not deal with "wimmin" they will not heed to the fact that hubby is in a sandy place or other wise engaged ( p.s. not a whinge, but Cyprus is a fookin awesome posting but blokes need to get all the admin done)

    p.s. not there now but have been the brunt of red tape boolox

    edited cos i'm a spazz
  15. Not quite the same thing, but my sister heard that one of the wives she supervised at a garrison creche was posted to Lisburn & had applied for a job at a local creche & she had named my sister as one of her referees.

    The trouble being that:

    1. My sister had been informed prior to her husband's posting that this woman had been bad mouthing my sister.

    2. The creche she was applying to join was in fact owned by my cousin (small world eh?), so on recognising the name on the referees section, my cousin simply phoned my sister & was given the good news that the wife was a waste of space & thus not worthy of employment. :twisted: