spousal rants

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by IvyGrad, Dec 16, 2008.

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  1. I mentioned this in the NAAFI Bar threads but may be more appropo here.

    Just what is it about men (and women) who get married then rag on and on about their spouse but don't do anything about it?

    You know the ones; they're here in droves. Complain about how their missus (or mister) is old, wanker, fat, gives them a general hard time, is bored, yada yada yada.

    If it gets old then its up to you to do something about it and splitting may be the answer. It is pathetic to spend time with someone you just really don't want to be with under the guise of saving "the marriage."

    Which is my next point: Is it more fulfilling to have a safe "marriage" rather than a long term relationship with someone that you really love?

    If anyone has ideas let's discuss ... marriage or eternal love?

  2. No brainer :roll:
  3. I'd rather pay for sex with a good looking younger whore than pay for a home and car that some bitch will want half of when I decide I don't want to live with it any more because she's turned into her mother and I can't find my ball pein hammer and a map of Epping Forest.

    Is that discussion enough for you Sweetcheeks and if your under 30 years old, do want a shag?
  4. How much will you pay? Will you want her back? Collect or delivery?
  5. OK, are you lonely or just a masochist?

  6. In my experience the biggest cause of rows and unhappiness in a marriage or any other relationship is the interfering female who just has to stick her big fcuking nose in and cause unrest. Especially emotionally challenged red brick alumni who have 'Gosh, just been so busy getting this Nepalese Moon Poetry degree to even think about men'. So because their life is so completely empty try to talk emotion with their oh so tight buddies on the net thinking they will gain fulfillment and enlightenment.
  7. Do they have IRONY in the States?? :?

    My OH drives me to distraction! He is a sexually deviant, emotionally repressed p'sshead who doesn't listen to a word I say.
    As for the kids, well they are driving me to an early grave. Satan's spawn has nothing on them!!
    If Vin Diesel was to appear on my doorstep dressed in his Riddick kit would I run away from it all? Too right!!

    But unless Vin has a penchant for hippocrocapigs with a face like a melted welly and an arrse the size of Edinburgh I guess I'm stuck here.

    Do I moan about them? Of course I do! Would I change them? Not for the world! :wink:

    Just don't tell them I said that!!
  8. Agreed! I would rather be on my own than with someone that makes me miserable.
  9. Thirded best to end otherwise you will end up in the nuthouse or prison for a long time
  10. But men get the better of the marriage ... they will put up with a nagging drek of a wife in order to appear "normal" and "proper" especially if she is involved in charity work or religion.

    Gives them some legitimacy no matter how depraved they are.

    Anyone else in the know about this?

    Bill and Hillary Clinton are the role models for such a marriage.

    And me and my friends have all experienced this at least once.

  11. Hahahahaha, fcuking shut up you septic tw@t
  12. Nothing better than doing it nasty with a charity type................
    Fancy getting a bit nast IG.

    (sod off moody I've got a head-ache :wink: )
  13. ad boys!

    Ha Ha Ha.

    I graciously decline your offer. I'm a bit off of the hot and nasty for now.
  14. I take it you were binned by a married bloke then. boohoo.
  15. And since you brought it up, I'll raise you ... why do men who are married rant and rant about their spouse on this forum? (and in general)?