SPotY 2021 Mid Period Appraisal Review (MPAR)

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What! It's not real? So CharleyBourne is not really an Airborne dealer of Death shit dits?
Are you insinuating that @CharleyBourne is telling massive fibs about being parachute qualified?

Charley, are you a bullshitter of a Bugsy-esque magnitude?

Deleted 4482

Maybe @Simmerit should remind us all about why he flounced then rejoined? I'm sure it's all about him getting all emotional when JBM and @Badger_Heed challenged him in a BBC thread.

Stop your shite ffs!!!

You've embarrassed yourself enough already.

You are capable of engaging seriously on here but- you appear to have decided bullshit and provocation to be your main identity.

Stop it ffs.
Can you not see you've been 'sussed'?


So my nomination is last years winner cause he’s a complete and utter cock.
It professes to be Jewish so perhaps not such a complete cock after all.

Still an utter chod, however.
I can't believe this informative and collegiate thread has been holed.

Whatever mod dun it is an arséhole.

If you think that's bad, the I love stacker thread was holed, then binned completely, just when everyone was saying how ******* fantastic I am.
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