SPOTY 2009

My money's on Tiger for the overseas award. He's surely top of the flange charts this year.

Got to be Jenson for the main prize, with lots of shots of Jessica Ennis doing the highjump.

Seriously, I'd give the Overseas Award to Valentino Rossi.

Or Craig Bellamy.
Button has to be a shoe in. But I would love to see SloMo shots of Ennis and Tweedle doing the spilts over each other's faces, with Helen Skelton acting as a participating Ref.
tiger might get it,especially given his expertise at the 19th hole.has no problem with the money shot at that hole!
Tiger will be lucky to win a pitch and putt crazy golf award after his "infidelity" confession, what with his bringing the sport into disrepute charge. I suppose Button would be a decent winner, despite F1 being as challenging as Scalextric.
I disagree. I think that Tiger has brought a great deal of repute to the sport of golf.
There's no doubting his talent on the course, without him most people wouldn't even acknowledge golf as a high profile sport. He has brought an extremely high standard to golf, and I may be wrong here but does the SPOTY take into account his reputation off the field of sport?
SPOTY main prize to Jenson Button

Team of the year to Brawn GP
Major Phil Packer, RMP wins the Helen Rolleson award.

Dusty eye time.

Well done, Sir.
Gremmers has X factor on really! :lick:
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